Green Day Releases a new single “Bang Bang”

Green Day just released a BANGING new single!

It seems that I’ve finally crawled out from the void of summer long enough to write a litte track review of the latest Green Day single. It was released just a few days ago and I’m sure most of the diehard Green Day fans have heard it already, looked up the various interviews about the song and even heard about the new album. That’s right, Green Day finally has a new album coming out in October called Revolution Radio and I couldn’t be more excited to listen to it. If you haven’t heard about it then you can find the video for the song right below!

Part of this is due to the pretty awesome single that was released yesterday called Bang Bang. Now if you know me, I’ve been a huge Green Day fan since middle school. I love everything they have done (granted, it’s not always perfect) from 1,039 Smoothed out Slappy Hours all the way to Uno, Dos and Tre. You can say what you will about Green Day but these guys obviously aren’t going anywhere anytime soon with Revolution Radio being their 12th studio album.

But anyways, back to the single. Bang Bang is a fast paced song with lyrics that describe mass shootings from the POV of the shooter. It makes for an interesting (if not disturbing) look at the situation surrounding maniacs and gun control. The song should immediately resonate with old time Green Day fans just because of the energy, which feels like something that’s been missing since the Nimrod days. What’s even cooler is that the melodies and lyrics give off a very 21st Century Breakdown vibe. It’s almost as if they took the fast aspect of punk rock and combined it with some of the darker sounds that they’ve flirted with in the past. In my own opinion, it makes a perfect combination.

All in all, I think Bang Bang was a pretty great first single for Green Day to release. It got me pumped and excited for what is to come in the future. I’ve already preordered the new album! Thank you for giving this a read and as promised, the lyric video for Bang Bang is right below. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

Bang Bang Lyric video



I actually really liked 21st Century Breakdown. Fight me.


Blink 182 premieres new song ‘Bored to Death’

Happy Thursday ladies and gentleman!

So for those of you who might not have heard, Blink 182 released a new single yesterday evening. The song, titled Bored to Death was personally a huge hit with me (I listened to it like 20 times last night). Bored to Death is the first song that Blink has released since 2012 when they released the EP, Dogs eating Dogs (I believe I’m correct with that) and the first song that Blink has ever released without Tom Delonge. Even if you aren’t a huge fan of Blink, I honestly recommend that you give it a listen down below.

Bored to Death 


Along with the release of the new single, Blink has finally announced their upcoming album, California, which will be hitting the record stores on July 1st. This will also be their first album release without Tom.

What do I think about the track? Well as I already said above, I absolutely love it. I’m not the biggest fan of Blink 182, I haven’t listened to every song that they’ve ever released, but this song is ridiculously good. Sorry Tom, you missed out. Not only does this single have the significant sound to it that is Blink 182, but the lyrics also feel like classic Blink. I saw a comment on this video that said something along the lines of, “This is like a wine well aged.” I wholly agree with that. All in all I thought this was a great single for the upcoming album and I am pretty excited to get to hear the rest of this one.

What did you guys think of the single? Did you like it or hate it? Let me know! Have a great day.

That’s The Spirit Expectations

A New Sound….

Okay, so it’s safe to assume that everyone has heard the latest single by Bring me The Horizon titled Throne. If you haven’t heard it yet, you’ve been living under a rock (seriously, you should get out more). When I first heard the song, my first impression was, this is different. That was the only thought that crossed my mind, I had no actual opinion of it whatsoever. I listened to it several more times before deciding I liked it (I mean why wouldn’t I?). It was not only catchy but it had some awesome lyrics to accompany it. This song is also resounding proof of the change that Bring me the Horizon is committed to. When Drown was released back in early 2015, we all noticed that BMTH (give me a break, I’m lazy) was starting to sound very different. But it wasn’t until Throne was released, and their new album That’s the Spirit was announced, that we realized that this was a totally different band. This is not a bad thing. In fact, I love it when a band experiments more and more with their sound, and eventually get to the point when they sound like a totally different band from their first album. Seriously, if you haven’t heard BMTH’s first two albums, listen to a song or two from them, and then listen to the singles they’ve released in the past year. Yeah……. That happened. I think one of the things that surprised me most about Throne, were the clean vocals that Oli sang. He is quite a beautiful singer, like he has an amazing voice. Not only that, but this band still seems to have the same attitude with the feeling they want to accent in their music. The lyrics and the melodies all combine so effortlessly to create a beautiful song. Oli Sykes says that the album is a “celebration of depression” so it’s obvious that they are going to still going to be making dark music. That’s the Spirit will be released on September 11, 2015. I don’t know about you, but I think this album will be worthy of buying. Check out the singles below and let me know what you think.

Throne- Single

Drown- Single

This one is for the haters!

When I was listening to the singles on youtube, I noticed a lot of arguments in the comments (of course). Some people were saying things like “Oh this is so great! Great job guys! I love this!” Then there were the jerks who like to ruin it for everyone. They say things like “This band sucks, bring back the old BMTH!” and so on and so on. Some of the comments were just unnecessarily rude. SO this is my message to you: GROW UP! Guys they’re changing, just deal with it. We all knew it was coming, especially after Sempiternal when Oli first starting to hint at singing. And to those that say they are sell outs: they’re not. Oli states in an interview “We (the band) had to come back with something that would be impressive for people who had no idea of the history of the band.” In other words, they are trying to come up with something different. It’s not for the people that were hardcore fans of the deathcore BMTH. THEY ARE NOT SELLING OUT! If you don’t like the new BMTH, that’s fine and I respect that, but don’t slander them, and play it down for others. You’re just being a jerk. I like all of BMTH’s music, from Count Your Blessings all the way to where they are now. I guess if you don’t like the new music, you should stop listening to it…….

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