Still Alice Book Review

A harrowing look at a crippling disease…..

Still Alice does not shy away from being a full on look at what Alzheimer’s can do and you can’t help but watch the entire time, no matter how bad it gets. I had heard about this book because just last year (2015) there was a movie adaption to the book. I never saw the movie but I made a mental note to myself to pick the book up and give it a read. And the book absolutely pulls at the feels (I don’t mean to sound disrespectful or sarcastic when I say that). Still Alice is a book that you won’t want to put down until you have read the last few words.

The Story

The story revolves around a distinguished psychology professor at Harvard, that goes by the name of Alice Howland, who is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s early on in the story. With early-onset Alzheimer’s, we follow the struggles of Alice as her mind is slowly deformed by the disease. Sound depressing? It really really is. But the book isn’t all “woe is me” the whole time like I make it sound. There are some really nice moments in this book, like rays of light shining between the words. Even though it seems like a depressing read, I would encourage everyone to read it because Still Alice is a very real book about a very real disease. In the story, we see family members fight over what to do with Alice, we see people drift from Alice because of her disease, and we also see Alice forget things. The story is very very informative about Alzheimer’s as well which is really cool. I never understood the science behind the disease, but this book lays it out for you on a table and I like that it did that. It’s obvious that the author, Lisa Genova, did her homework because you learn the causes of Alzheimer’s and the effects.

The Characters

Still Alice mainly revolves around Alice, her husband and her three children. Much of the struggles of the story are inward struggles in Alice’s mind, but we see a lot of tension in the family as well. There is one scene in the book that I absolutely love and it’s when the three children fight over how Alice should try to remember things in her day to day life. It paints the characters perfectly and also shows some tension that is likely to happen when a loved one has Alzheimer’s. We see the husband fighting with acceptance of the fact that Alice has Alzheimer’s and that leads to tension between the two as the story moves forward. All in all,  not only the story is real, but the characters are very real as well and I like that. Every character seems to build upon the story in different ways and you will grow to like the characters in the time that you’re with them.

The Verdict…….. 5 out of 5 

  • Offers a very real look at Alzheimer’s
  • Has a great cast of characters
  • Well written

I’d recommend this book to anyone and everyone. It’s a must read, even if it is a little depressing. What did you think of Still Alice? Let me know in the comments below. Thank you for giving this review a read! It really means alot to me. Stay tuned for more reviews and other sorts of blog posts! Have a great weekend!