Green Day Releases a new single “Bang Bang”

Green Day just released a BANGING new single!

It seems that I’ve finally crawled out from the void of summer long enough to write a litte track review of the latest Green Day single. It was released just a few days ago and I’m sure most of the diehard Green Day fans have heard it already, looked up the various interviews about the song and even heard about the new album. That’s right, Green Day finally has a new album coming out in October called Revolution Radio and I couldn’t be more excited to listen to it. If you haven’t heard about it then you can find the video for the song right below!

Part of this is due to the pretty awesome single that was released yesterday called Bang Bang. Now if you know me, I’ve been a huge Green Day fan since middle school. I love everything they have done (granted, it’s not always perfect) from 1,039 Smoothed out Slappy Hours all the way to Uno, Dos and Tre. You can say what you will about Green Day but these guys obviously aren’t going anywhere anytime soon with Revolution Radio being their 12th studio album.

But anyways, back to the single. Bang Bang is a fast paced song with lyrics that describe mass shootings from the POV of the shooter. It makes for an interesting (if not disturbing) look at the situation surrounding maniacs and gun control. The song should immediately resonate with old time Green Day fans just because of the energy, which feels like something that’s been missing since the Nimrod days. What’s even cooler is that the melodies and lyrics give off a very 21st Century Breakdown vibe. It’s almost as if they took the fast aspect of punk rock and combined it with some of the darker sounds that they’ve flirted with in the past. In my own opinion, it makes a perfect combination.

All in all, I think Bang Bang was a pretty great first single for Green Day to release. It got me pumped and excited for what is to come in the future. I’ve already preordered the new album! Thank you for giving this a read and as promised, the lyric video for Bang Bang is right below. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

Bang Bang Lyric video



I actually really liked 21st Century Breakdown. Fight me.


The Weekend Pick- 2/26/16

Happy Friday!

Hey guys! It’s been awhile since I’ve done a weekend pick hasn’t it? Anyways the weekend is upon us, and since I won’t be posting over the weekend, I thought I could give you guys a list of things to do over the weekend. For old time’s sake, anyways.

What’s at the movies this weekend? Deadpool and Gods of Egypt

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Courtesy of Lionsgate

I know that Deadpool has been out for a couple of weeks now, but I decided to add it to the list because that’s what I’ll be seeing tonight with my friends. We were waiting for Brayden to 17 before we went and saw it. I heard that this movie lives up to the hype, so I’m pumped to finally see it. I’ll release my own review for that movie next Monday, so keep an eye out for it! This weekend is going to be the opening weekend for Gods of Egypt which is a movie that I am very interested in. The visual effects look great and the plot line looks intriguing. I’m hoping to also see that movie at some point this weekend.

What’s on Netflix? Dope

I watched this movie the other day and my mind was blown. My mind was blown, because this movie deserves to be talked about, but since it was released, I’ve barely heard anything about it. It blows my mind, because out of all the movies that came out in 2015, I gotta say this one was one of the best ones! I didn’t even get to watch it until 2016 when it came to Netflix! Okay listen, if you like stories about nerdy kids, if you like the nineties, if you like great acting, then check this movie out. You won’t regret it, I’m serious.

What will I be jamming to this weekend? A whole lot of Green Day

Yeah I don’t know why, but I’ve been in the mood for Green Day recently. SO this weekend, I’ll probably be listening to a lot of their older stuff. If you’ve never really listened to Green Day but you want to, I’d suggest look for their first album. 1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours. You probably won’t find the cd anywhere, but look it up on iTunes or Spotify or whatever. The album is sick and it’s easily one of my favorite Green Day albums of all time. I just love how catchy the songs are and how great it sounds. The album is pure punk I tell you. Pure punk……

What’s a good book that I could read? The Girl on the Train

I wrote a review on this book which you can find here. If you click on that link you will read some more specific reasons about why you should give this thriller a read. Basically, you should read this book, because it is a good book. It has a great cast of characters, and a suspenseful plot. The ending falls a little flat, but it doesn’t ruin the book. You should definitely give it a read.

Have a great weekend you guys!

Well, it’s been a long week (at least for me, it has been) but we’re finally here! Happy Friday again guys. Have a safe weekend and I’ll see you again on Monday, with my review for Deadpool. Go ahead and give this guy a share and a like if you feel like it, and visit my other pages if you want to see more from me! I apologize is this post doesn’t too that sharp. I’m having trouble formatting and editing images so that the blog can flow better. Hopefully I’ll find a way to fix this in the future!

Seventh Son Review


I never thought I would find myself sitting in a theater watching this movie. Honestly, the trailers looked horrible and it was the last thing I wanted to spend my Valentine’s Day doing. I got sucked into seeing it though, because I had nothing better to do on Valentine’s Day, so here I am. Trying to write a review for an awful excuse for a movie. Seventh Son is a movie set in a mystical land (that is not once named throughout the full length of the movie) full of two kinds of people. Witches and Spooks (people that kill witches). There is only one spook left in the world and his name is Master Gregory (Jeff Bridges). He is trying to find an apprentice to help him defeat Mother Malkin (Julianne Moore). He can never hold on to an apprentice for longer than ten years because they always get killed by witches (how inconsiderate of them). Finally, though, he seems to find the one. Tom Ward (Ben Barnes) is the man for the job. Together, Tom and Master Gregory face off against the forces of evil…… Sounds exciting? I guess, but then there was the actual movie…….. Let’s get started shall we?

Where Did You Go Back story? 

First off, let me start with the problem that annoyed me the entire 120 minutes. There was almost no back story to be had here. Scratch that, there is no back story to be had here. Half the time, I was wondering why some things were the way they were, and why this was happening, and why this item was significant. These questions distracted me from the rest of the very predictable plotline and the dull cast of characters (not that any of those things were good enough to actually care about either). I have a few examples for what I mean, when I talk about back story:

  • What was so significant about the seventh son of the seventh son?
  • How long was Mother Malkin inside that “eternal” prison?
  • How on earth did Tom Ward’s mom get that amulet from Mother Malkin?
  • Where on Earth are these people? Where is the setting?

These are just a few of the questions I had throughout the movie and as far as I know, they were never answered! I you are an avid fan of back story, then this movie is not for you. It is filled with so many plot holes it really takes away from the movie.

The Characters/Actors/Actresses

The characters in this movie are so dull and boring, played by mediocre actors and actresses (save Julianne Moore and Jeff Bridges (but even their performance wasn’t exactly superb)). I was never interested in the characters, and had a hard time remembering their names, due to the fact that they were just that uninteresting. The main character was a good-looking charming guy who seemed to be able to do things that even his master could not do (in the movie he kills a monster that has never been killed…… like ever…..yea). This formula made for a horribly stereotypical protagonist. The main character’s master, Master Gregory was even more annoying. Not for the reasons you would think though. My main problem with him was the fact that I never understood him! Seriously!! Half the time, I kept asking my friend beside me, “What did he just say?” Jeff Bridges just never knows when to quit it with the voice (seriously dude, it’s ok to speak english). Mother Malkin was an okay villain I guess. I just never felt like she was this huge threat. She never gave off this ominous threatening feeling. I was surprised by the lack of menace because usually, when it comes to villains, Julianne Moore always delivers (Take Carrie for example!). Maybe I was just too distracted by the other problems in the movie, to really notice it. Anyways, there is also a love interest, who is pretty beautiful (of course). The main character and the love interest fall in love within a few days, and then are torn apart by their very different destinies at the end (of course). I’m not even going to name the actress of the love interest’s name because she is not worthy of mentioning, whether it was the actress’s skills or the character herself. Honestly not a single character was interesting, or had any sort of character development. None of the actors or actresses really delivered their role in a superb fashion. The characters will not help you find any solace in a movie like this.

Dialogue and Camera Work

The dialogue is not awful, some might not even consider it to be bad. If you think the dialogue is good though, you are wrong, by far. The dialogue is filled with dry witty jokes, and cheesy (very cheesy) lines. The wise cracks, and dry humour jokes, don’t make you laugh. They will most likely make you roll your eyes, and check your watch, wondering if this nightmare was over yet. Other than the cheesy lines and dry humor, the dialogue is very straightforward, which I can appreciate. Dialogue doesn’t always have to be complex to be considered good.

The camerawork was very good for the most part. We got to see a lot of cool nature shots of the mountains. The cameras really made the scenery pop out at you. For the most part it was in fact a very beautifully shot movie. The problem was that sometimes it was hard to see the beauty because the camera didn’t seem to focus on anything. Throughout the movie I noticed that the picture was fuzzy, causing me to strain my eyes for most of the movie. I’m not sure if that was the camera’s fault or the projector’s fault.  The action scenes weren’t bad though. You could actually tell what was going on, while the fight was going on. When it comes to action, the camera work is solid, so you don’t miss a beat watching the mayhem unfold.  The CGI was absolutely terrible though, even for today’s standards. You could easily tell what images were computer generated, and what images were not (most of it was CGI). My favorite scenery shots were the end credits. The effects were cool there, and it looked really good. I would’ve just thought that though, because I was ready to leave.

The Verdict: 1.5 out of 5. (1 being the worst. 5 being the best)

  • There is a lack of back story
  • The characters are boring and fail to capture your attention
  • The plot of the story is very predictable
  • Very fuzzy picture

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