Six Bands you should check out right now

Hey guys!

How are all my readers? I know I haven’t updated this blog in awhile and I apologize for that. My attention has  been on other things these past couple of weeks and I let it slip under the rug. Anyways, I decided to compile a list of bands that I’ve been listening to quite a bit for the past couple of months. I hope that you can find at least one or two bands that you like. All of them are actually really talented. I’ve discovered the majority of these artists through spotify and you can have a listen to some of the tracks in the playlist below.

6. Made Violent


Made Violent is a band that I had the privilege of discovering only a few weeks ago when I went to a concert. They were touring with a band called The Struts, who my brother was a big fan of. I took my brother to the show, not really expecting to enjoy it (I had heard the Struts before and although they were catchy, they just weren’t for me). The best thing that happened that night was finding this band. Made Violent played an hour long set and they killed it. They just had so much energy and you can tell they love what they do. I wondered if their energy translated into their recordings and guess what! They do! These guys have a beautiful blend of garage rock and punk and it really sticks with you. It sounds fresh and it is exciting. So check these guys out for sure. They have plenty of EPs out already and you can listen a small preview of ‘On My Own’ down below.

5. Wavves



Wavves is a band that I found in Spotify (most of these bands are) a few months ago when I was on the prowl for some new music. Well I found this band, who had just released a new album titled V. The sound of Wavves can best be described as garage rock with some alternative noise and techno-pop influences sprinkled throughout. The singer is great and the songs are catchy. I actually have yet to check out the rest of their albums, but V is a great album and I recommend you check it out. Listen to a preview of ‘My Head Hurts’ off of the new album right here!

4. Coastbound


This band goes out to all my readers that like a little punch in their music. Coastbound is a punk rock band that has a talent in creating some great punk anthems. They’re relatively new with one EP released and a cover of The Hills. Sometimes, the vocalist gets a little whinier than usual, but if you can get past those kind of vocals , this band might be worth your time. They’ll have you jumping around and screaming along to the lyrics in no time. You can listen to a preview of ‘Shar’s Car’ below in the playlist.



This band actually features one of Billie Joe Armstrong’s sons, Joey Armstrong on the drums (not that that’s super relevant or anything, I jut thought it was a cool tidbit of info). SWMRS was originally known as Emily’s Army and was a pop punk band composed of four members. The band recently underwent some changes however and is now called SWMRS. The band has also changed their sound to a more upbeat garage sound. The band actually recently played a show very close to me and I regret not going to see them. Anyways, SWMRS are an excellent band that is bound to be huge at some point. SO if you start listening to them now, you can be that annoying guy that can tell your friends that you listened to them before they were cool. Check out their song, ‘Figuring it Out’ below.

2. The Mountain Goats

Mountain Goats

I discovered the The Mountain Goats because of John Green (the famous writer) and I’m extremely happy that I did. If you have read any of John Green’s books or seen any of the movies that are based off of his books, you might be familiar with the band. The Mountain Goats are a folk band, composed of three members with a plethora of albums that have already been released. I think The Mountain Goats have some amazing songwriting capabilities and the lyrics are superb. You can listen a preview of their song, ‘This Year’ right down below.

1. Hotel Books 

Hotel Books

Hotel Books is a pretty different band and I mean that in a good way.They kind of remind me of Twenty One Pilots but with a full band instead of just two guys. The majority of the vocals are rapping with minimal singing by the back up vocals. Altogether though, this band can slay at writing music. The lyrics are absolutely wonderful and the melodies and beats ony accent the vocals. You can listen to their song, ‘Run Wild, Young Beauty’ right down below.

The Playlist


What do you think?

Obviously the music on this list won’t pertain to everyone out there but these bands are just a few that I’ve found over the past year. What bands have you been listening to? Feel free to let me know in the comments below!


Let’s get some coffee!

“Good morning!”

is what I would say if we decided to go get some coffee. After I say good morning however, I’ll probably get really quiet because, I’m nervous around people I don’t know very well. You’ll probably start the conversation with some small talk, asking me how my day was and how college is going for me. After you talk for awhile I might finally get up the courage to speak up as well.

I would answer your questions first. College is going well for me. I feel as if I’m doing a good job at it and I hope to remain successful in the coming years. My life is pretty great too. I’ve been trying to stop taking things for granted and appreciate the little things. My days are usually super busy but I love doing what I do, whether that be working on journalism, giving guitar lessons, and playing in my band. It just means that I’m being as fulfilling as possible which is awesome. I don’t mind stopping and taking a break every once in awhile, like this morning to write this post. Then I’d launch into a little more specific things in my life.

I would probably tell you all of the more exciting things first. Like how my band has finally finished our first EP and are hoping to release it to the world soon. I’m nervous about doing so, but I’m actually really proud of what our band has accomplished. It’s definitely not the best product out there, but we did the best we could and I’m proud of that. I’m also nervous about releasing it because once we release it, it will become real and everyone will be able to listen to it. I’ve been apart of the band for almost five years so I’ve grown really close to those guys. I’m always really happy and excited for band practice to roll around. In a way, the garage that we practice in, has become a second home, a refuge. It is a place where my creativity flows through my fingers and out my throat. Once we release this EP, it’s almost as if we’re inviting other people into this sacred home where we write these songs. You’ll probably think I’m being dramatic but these are real thoughts going through my head. I’m so scared of failing with my music that I’m tempted to never even try. I have been fighting this urge however and will release it because this is one thing that I won’t regret later down the road. Who knows though right? Maybe you’re having coffee with a rockstar. [enter wink here]

I would also tell you about getting to go to Six Flags tomorrow with the youth group from my church. I haven’t been to Six Flags in forever, so I’m excited to go! Last time I went, I didn’t really ride all the rides (for instance, I’m terrified of the Rattler) but I’m hoping to conquer that fear tomorrow! It might not work out and I might be chicken, but it should be fun.

I would also tell you about how great the whole journalism thing is going. I have been taking journalism classes this semester and they are awesome! My teachers are amazing and the students are all really nice. I’ve been playing a big part in designing the college newspaper which has been really awesome. I really enjoy journalism and I’m glad that I found something I love doing. I’m still not sure about what I want to do for a career but I feel as if I am one step closer to finding it and that’s awesome. I really hope that I end up doing something that I love though.

Alright, I’d have to get up and get some more coffee at this point because I drink it way too fast and I can never get enough!

When I get back I start to tell you about this girl I know. It’s not just any girl. This girl is amazing. She’s hilarious, beautiful, smart, caring. It’s pretty unbelievable how amazing she is. I really like her which is a problem. It’s a problem because she’s unavailable and that kind of hurts. Don’t worry I’m not making any moves because that would be disrespectful. No, I’m keeping my respectful distance and hoping her the best in her future. It just kind of hurts because she’s just so brilliant. I know that there are other fish in the sea and that I should move on because it’s hopeless. That’s easier said than done though my friend.

That’s really all I have to talk about over coffee this weekend. This was my first post in this hashtag! I actually really enjoyed doing that. I hope you guys enjoyed it yourself. Now for the first time in forever, I’m going to sit down and get some reading done. Oh how I’ve missed my book!

I kind of like college now…….

Hey Guys! Yes, it’s true….. I’m weird…… I know……

I hope you’re all having an awesome Tuesday and I hope that this week only gets better from here. I don’t really know if I’m going to post this, I just feel like it’s been awhile since I’ve written anything just for myself. On top of that, I don’t really want to start my english essay (and in all honesty I can’t yet, because I haven’t interviewed all the people I need too). But man it’s kind of been a great semester for me so far. I haven’t fallen behind (yet)  and I actually had my first story published in a newspaper! It might have been a simple college paper but it still counts! These past three (I think) weeks have been awesome. I absolutely love my journalism classes. The students and staff are all incredibly nice and incredibly patient with me! I find myself wanting to go to school when I wake up (at least on Mondays and Wednesdays). It all makes me very excited for what is yet to come. It kind of goes to show that once you find a major that you really enjoy, then going to school ain’t half bad. If you enjoy your job, then it’s a little easier to get out of bed every morning. the morale of this story, is to find something that you love doing. The only thing I dislike about college now, is that I’m not done with those stupid basics.

My first story about Kristy Urbick

Guitar Lessons!

On top of being introduced into journalism, I am also teaching my first guitar lessons ever this week, which is awesome. My first lesson was yesterday actually with this cool 12 year old kid. I was a little nervous at first but the lesson went alright and I’m actually kind of looking forward to it next week again! The kid was picking it up fast! It makes me very excited for the future with him. He told me I was a pretty good teacher (I’m serious). I have another lesson tonight, with an old friend of mine. He is looking to play the electric, so I’m gonna have to find something to teach him. Still not 100% sure with how we’re going to start out. With the other kid, he wanted to learn acoustic so we just started out with a few simple chords. With this other guy though, he wants to learn some AC/DC so I guess that’s what I’ll be teaching him. I’ve been playing the guitar for almost 7 years now and even though I’m not the best, I think I’m good enough to teach people.

Then there’s the band

Just Alice, the band that I am in has kind of hit a roadblock this past weekend. It’s nothing major to worry about, we aren’t breaking up, but there is a slight problem. Recording the music on our own without any help is kind of a challenge (especially when we don’t know what we’re doing). We’re going to be putting a hold on the recording process for now, find someone to help us out and then resume. I’m not sure when that will happen but we will let you know as soon as we know. And trust me, the songs are getting better and better everytime we play them. In the meantime, however,  this gives us the opportunity to write more songs! That’s the part that I’m really excited about. It looks like this EP might be more than 5 songs after all! Worst case scenario: We aren’t able to release an official EP until around April, maybe even later (sad face). But hey! There is some good news! We are already confirmed for playing at Windfest! We don’t know all of the exact details yet, but we’re set to play! We’re really excited for this, we have a lot of songs to play for you guys.

So basically….

I just really wanted to type some stuff, whether it was for me or for you guys (I totally wrote it for you guys). That’s my life currently, and you’re all caught up with it. Again, I hope you guys are having a good week. Has anything interesting happened to you recently? By the way sorry I haven’t posted so much, I was really busy the last two weeks, focusing on my newspaper story. Thank you for giving this a read, if you did! Have a great week guys!

Death of a Bachelor Album Review

This album sees Panic! At the Disco being as charismatic as possible

I’ve listened to Panic’s new album, Death of a Bachelor a few times now and I still don’t know what it is that makes it so likable. I’m serious. I don’t think I’ve found a song on here that I don’t like. I wouldn’t call this album ambitious at all, and yet it is still able to pull you in, which is a great experience. When you break it down in fact, it is simply a well-written, well-executed work of art, all done by a man nearly as charismatic and charming as the album itself. I’m actually going to challenge you to listen to this album and not dance or want to sing along at some point. This album is honestly genius….

The Lyrics/Vocals

In terms of the lyrics, I think people will get what they’ve always expected from Brendon Urie. They can be very weird at some points and even comical (take the song, “Don’t Threaten me With a Good Time” for example) but overall they are very excellent. I love the song, Death of a Bachelor because of the message behind it. That same feeling goes for many of the lyrics in this album. Brendon Urie is a very creative person in terms of lyrics and they always flow so well. The lyrics in this album flow more smoothly in this album than I’ve ever heard from him (that could be because of the music too however). 

Brendon’s vocals. Oh my. That will be your reaction from this album if you have any sense. I’ve always known Brendon Urie for having that wide, but beautiful range of vocals and in this album he really shows that. He has a one of a kind voice. He’ll start a lot of the songs with some low vocals, and then as the song swells, so does his voice. Finally he bursts onto the chorus with a high but catchy voice. Before you know it, you’ll be singing along with him (or trying to) enjoying every sound of it. The combination of lyrics and vocals on this album make it worth listening to. But wait, THERE’S MORE!

The Music/Sound

The singles that were released in prologue to this album, prepared people for total Brendon Urie. TOTAL. BRENDON. URIE. This album was completely written and recorded by Brendon Urie who is now the last remaining original member of Panic! At the Disco. That means he wrote a part for every instrument on every song on this record. Good for you Brendon. You talented boy, you. That means what you’re hearing on Death of a Batchelor is all out of Urie’s mind. This guy who is majorly influenced by swing legends such as Frank Sinatra, incorporates a new sound into the music. Most of the songs on this album have an undertone of smooth jazz. From Crazy=Genius to Impossible Year all have a very Frank SInatra vibe, but with a twist of Brendon Urie. The sound and feel of this album actually make it one of the most unique experiences that I’ve ever heard. Frankly, it’s just a lot of fun. You know what that is right?

The Verdict………5.0 out of 5

  • It has a cool jazz feel to it
  • Brendon’s voice
  • creativity at it’s finest
  • catchy and a whole lot of fun

Thank you!

Hey! Thank you for taking the time to read this little review. Yes I know that it took awhile, but I really wanted to hear this album (I mean listen to it a lot) before I went off and wrote a totally positive review for it. SOmetimes I feel like I judge too quickly and that can be a problem. So yeah….. That’s why I took so long with this one. We still friends? Cool. Well then why don’t you just click that subscribe button way over there to the left, and the share button below? Can you do that one last favor for me? Thanks. I really appreciate it. Have a great day! Or a good night! Oh and please do check out my other reviews! Thank you!

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Danger Days: The True Lives of The Fabulous Killjoys (Album Review)

The Future is bulletproof!

Hello again my readers! I hope all is we with you! So far, I have reviewed two of My Chemical Romance’s albums and now I am moving onto their fourth studio album. Danger Days (I’m just going to abbreviate the name to that) is actually my second favorite MCR album. I just really enjoyed this album for some reason. I guess I just really enjoyed how fun it was. Seriously, you could play any song from this album and I’ll lose my mind to it. Danger Days is really My Chemical Romance at the top of their game (creatively speaking). Danger Days is another concept album, the fourth studio album, released by My Chemical Romance through Reprise Records and Warner Bro. Records. The album was released on November 22, 2010, four years after the release of The Black Parade. This album is ultimately a big departure from everything that My Chemical Romance has ever done, with a new electronic, futuristic, arena sound and a story about a group of rebels called Killjoys. This album is epic, fun, and all around just a great time.

The Lyrics

In every album that My Chemical Romance has written, there is always a certain message, or theme, that present inside the lyrics. We should all know by now that Gerard Way is a very talented lyricist and with this album, he really brings it to the table. Since it is a concept album, you will catch little snippets of the story of the Fabulous Killjoys, however this album does not tell the whole story. Those of you who want to really experience the story should pick up a copy of The True Lives of The Fabulous Killjoys, a graphic novel written

Each member o MCR portrays different character in the story. Photo courtesy of Pinterest which can be found here.

by Gerard Way as a companion to the novel. You can find it on Amazon here. Anyways the album itself is filled with some wonderful lyrics. They are well written and catchy. Before you know it, you’ll be singing along to every song on here. The lyrics take a very different tone as well. They aren’t very dark or depressing. They aren’t about death or drugs. In fact, much of the lyrics in this album are uplifting and optimistic. Lyrics from songs like “SING” and “The Kids From Yesterday” feature some beautiful lyrics about not fitting in but being proud of that nonetheless. I think Gerard has really pushed himself to his creative limits for this album, in order to deliver us a great performance, vocally and lyrically.

The sound

Danger Days probably has the most unique sound of all the My Chemical Romance albums. My Chemical Romance carries the larger-than-life feel from The Black Parade to Danger Days, but Danger Days has a more electronic sound it it. If you were to listen to a song like S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W, the song starts with electronic chords. That’s not

MCR jamming out on stage. Photo courtesy of Ida A. on Flickr, found here.

to say that it’s a bad thing. I actually really like the direction that My Chemical Romance took with the album. It felt very fresh in terms of My Chemical Romance. And yes, this album is definitely the most poppy out of all of their albums, so if you don’t like poppy then don’t give this one a listen. If you can fight through that, however, I think you would be very satisfied with this album. The album has more aggressive songs however. I mean how about that opening track, Na Na Na?! RIGHT?! Destroya is also a very very aggressive song. So yes, there are songs that you can headbang to. I know there are people who don’t like this album as much as the older ones. People wanted another Three Cheers or another Black Parade but they got this instead. People can complain about this album all they want, but I love it. I listen to it at least once a day. I’m listening to it right now! I think My Chemical Romance tried very hard to achieve a new sound for their fourth album, and they succeeded. These guys are legends in my book. Even after all the major successes that they had with their music, they were still experimental and trying to be different. Then they just walked away after the fourth album……. If that’s not the most punk thing you’ve ever heard then I don’t know what is.

The Verdict…………… 5.0 out of 5.0 

  • Fresh sound for a new era
  • great lyrics that weren’t totally dark or depressing
  • My Stamp of Approval
  • Larger-than-life sound to it

Fun Fact

Did you guys know why My Chemical Romance wrote the song, Vampire Money? Well if you didn’t, they wrote it because they were offered a chance to write a song and record it for the last Twilight movie. They rejected the offer and wrote that song, because they were over their vampire phase. Did you know who did write a song for the movie? Green Day was offered after My Chemical Romance, which they accepted and wrote The Forgotten.

Thank you!

Hey, thank you guys for giving this a read! You guys are pretty much the coolest cats in town. Pat yourself on the back! If you liked this review then why don’t you do yourself a favor and click that subscribe button over there on the sidebar? Yeah that’s the one. IF you want, you can share this review with your friends. Thank you guys for the support! What did you think of this album? Let me know! And please, please check out my other reviews.


Photo courtesy of Wikipedia which can be found here.

Star Wars The Force Awakens Movie Review

A long time after the movie was released, I finally wrote a review…..

Okay so I saw Star Wars (a couple of weeks ago) and it is definitely something that needs to be talked about. I’m sorry I’m a little late with this one (and the Danger Days review is also on it’s way) but I was gone on vacation for the entire span of opening weekend and week. I had a good vacation though and now I’m back. Let the reviewing of one of the most hyped movies of this generation begin……

Rey (played by Daisey Ridley) and Finn (played by John Boyega) are running from a Tie Fighter Photo courtesy of IMDB found here.

The Story

Alright let me say this first: this movie is worth seeing. It is a way better experience than those prequels that plagued the screens all those years ago. J.J Abrams has brought a beloved series back from the dead and did a great job doing it. One thing I must admit, (because there is really no way around mentioning this) is that the story is very familiar. The writers of this movie seemed to have pulled a lot of story concepts from previous movies and put it into this movie. Now I won’t lie, the story is fun to watch and a great, nostalgic experience but with updated visuals and new characters. I won’t be explaining much of the plot of keeping this review spoiler free, but you should know that it is an enjoyable ride. When you look at the plot as a whole it can be easily confused with the plot of another Star Wars movie (trust me, you’ll know which one it is similar too).  In my opinion, it is the small story arcs that really made this story interesting to me. When I first saw the trailer for this movie, I had so many questions that needed answering. In this movie they were in fact answered, but the movie also gave me even more questions to be answered. Some of these questions are just for the pure joy of nitpicking but some of them are questions that I need answering NOW (and there’s still seventeen months to the next movie).  So yes, the story will feel familiar but there are also a ton of new things that will catch your attention. This is a new generation of Star Wars and frankly, I’m excited to see the universe continue to grow with new ideas.

The Characters/Actors

This movie was structured around introducing new faces and filled in with some old faces from the original trilogy. Your heart will flutter from seeing old faces such as Han and Chewbacca, and your mind will peak with interest from seeing new faces such as Rey and Kylo Ren. Everyone really does a spectacular job on the acting side. Despite the short screen time they have together, you can tell that Finn (John Boyega) and Poe (Oscar Isaac) have this great chemistry. You can tell right from the get-go that the pair will make a great friendship for the movie trilogy. I look forward to seeing those two on screen yet again in 17 months. There was such a vibrant life on screen when those two were on it. I actually think that is one of my favorite things about the movie. Rey (Daisy Ridley) is surrounded in mystery which makes her all the more exciting to the viewer. Like the story, this movie leaves a lot of questions about the characters, specifically the new ones. Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Carrie Fisher return as well and it’s awesome.

The new villain, Kylo Ren, is played by Adam Driver Photo is courtesy of Imdb found here.

They’re still the same characters but you can tell that it’s been a long thirty years full of history and happenings (Which I’m also really wanting to see or read about). Seeing these characters back on screen is amazing and a whole lot of fun. Oh and how could I forget our new villain, Kylo Ren? I love him. Yes, I said it. LOVE. I’ve seen more than a handful of wannabe critiques in comment sections just write him off as a little brat who has no character development but that’s not necessarily true. Trust me, he’s a brat but there’s a little more too him than that. For the sake of spoilers I won’t go in-depth about him. If you wanna read my opinion on that, then you’ll have to request a spoiler review. Overall, I was very satisfied with the acting and the characters in this movie. I’m excited to see what is yet to come for the characters in the series.

The Verdict………… 4.0 out of 5

  • Great build up to release
  • borrows elements from past Star Wars movies
  • New Actors play great characters
  • Han and Chewbacca are in it

Anyways that is my review for Star Wars The Force Awakens! Once again, I apologize about how late this review is. The funny thing is, I actually started this review a couple of weeks ago, right after I saw the movie. Anyways, thank you for reading. If you liked it, why don’t you just click the subscribe button on the sidebar over there? Yeah that’s the one. Share the review with your friends! What did you like about the movie (if you liked it at all that is)? What didn’t you like? Check out my other reviews!

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