Suicide Squad movie review

It’s finally here Ladies and Gentleman!

Suicide Squad, which was just released a couple of weeks ago, faces a large task of trying to redeem the DC movie universe after the tangled mess of BVS. If you haven’t read my review of that movie than you should know that I wasn’t a big fan of that movie. Let me just say right off the bat, I saw this movie as a definite improvement over Batman V Superman. Is it perfect? No. There are a number of imperfections in the movie that take away from an otherwise very fun experience.

The Story 

 The plot of the movie is honestly a little underwhelming though. I don’t want to say that it’s a jumbled mess, but you will feel slightly confused at some points. And the story definitely won’t blow you away. For most of the movie, I felt as if it was rushed. It was like we were being pushed from scene to scene with little time to do any sight-seeing. I found myself wishing for more scenes when it was just the Suicide Squad talking to each other (I explain more in the characters section) and not just spectating fight after fight. The villain didn’t seem threatening to me so it was kind of hard to care at some points. The squad didn’t seem challenged at all by their opponents which made it even harder to care. The story really did seem like a cut and paste job with a tacked on villain and a lack of depth. Where the movie might fall short on story however, I think it makes up with it’s cast of characters.

The Characters 

The characters and the actors were actually pretty great in this movie. Margot Robbie killed it as Harley, so did Will Smith as Deadshot. Viola Davis played the ruthless character, Amanda Waller and she did a killer job. Jai Courtney surprised me by playing a great Captain Boomerang. Basically everyone in this movie did a pretty good job (or at least I think). One of the most annoying things about the movie (as mentioned before) is that there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of interaction between the actual Suicide Squad. You can tell that the characters in the spotlight are Deadshot and Harley Quinn. The rest kind of fade into the background, delivering one liners at the appropriate times. It makes you kind of roll your eyes when they talk about being like a family (Like really? You guys have barely said ten words to each other all night). One of my favorite scenes in the movie is when the squad are in a bar (you see it in the trailer) and they’re just talking to each other, building their characters. I think these actors actually have some great chemistry with each other and it makes the bar scene really stand out from the movie. If only there were more moments like that.  

Now let’s talk about the Joker, played by Jared Leto. Now we’ve all heard the crazy stories that surrounded him while he made this movie and we’ve also heard some harsh words said about him playing as the Joker. I for one, will not be jumping to any conclusions about his character. He’s more of a cameo than an actual character in this movie and that’s not entirely a bad thing. I wouldn’t call his performance bad however. It was merely a new and interesting take on the Joker and I don’t think we’ve seen enough to judge so harshly. I for one am very excited to see more of Leto’s take on the character. If you absolutely needed to hear my opinion, however, I’d have to say that I kind of like what Leto is doing. So to all those critics that are calling for Leto’s head, let’s tone it down a little shall we? I mean the guy took this role on after Heath Ledger gave his legendary performance as the Joker in The Dark Knight. Leto’s obviously gotta be a little crazy for doing that right?

The Verdict…….. 3.0 out of 5

  • rushed story
  • lame villain
  • great actors and great chemistry

Suicide Squad is not a bad movie but it has some weird flaws in it that really annoyed me. Obviously there are always going to be people with different opinions. Feel free to let me know what you thought of this movie in the comments! Did you like Jared Leto as the Joker? Did you like the movie or did you hate it?

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Suicide Squad Trailer #3 Recap

Happy Monday guys!

I hope all of you had a great weekend! I had an awesome time, getting to go camping this week with my best friends Michael and Tyler. It’s a Sunday night currently but I want to wish you guys good morning, or good afternoon, or good whenever you’re reading this. So the third trailer for Suicide Squad just dropped and my friend texted me about it so I thought I’d check it out. I have to say that this trailer does not take away any of my excitement for the movie, but I’m starting to feel like there is no need for another. Check out the trailer below….

Trailer #3 for Suicide Squad opens with a man asking a room full of people, what if Superman had decided to kidnap the president and who would stop him if he did? I really liked that. It showed that even after the supposed “death” of Superman, people are still debating over whether or not they should have been afraid of Superman. It shows continuity from Batman V Superman and it shows that us normal humans aren’t taking any risks. We are led to believe that this question transitions to the proposal for the construction of the Suicide Squad. A lethal team composed of bad guys that are ready to do some damage. The rest of the trailer is filled with some awesome action scenes and comedic moments.

Admittedly the trailer is cool. It’s got cool music and it even shows us some cool new scenes (especially of the Joker but I’ll get to that later), but this trailer doesn’t seem to serve a purpose, besides building hype. We don’t learn anything new, there’s no other plot points revealed. I don’t mind getting hyped up for this movie, but I also like being surprised. I wouldn’t mind too much if there wasn’t another trailer for this movie till the release in August (why so far away?). 

Alright, so about the Joker. Did anybody else catch the scene where part of his face looked

Suicide Squad (2)
A screenshot showing the Joker’s face

burned? Seriously, just watch again and look closely. That scene was easily the most interesting scene in the whole trailer. I mean there were other various scenes in the trailer that made me curious but I really wanna know what happened to the Joker’s face. Another thing about this trailer before I close up, I’m getting the sense that the Joker is not the main villain here. I don’t know what it is, but I just really don’t think that the Joker is the guy that the Suicide Squad is after.

Alright so those are my thoughts on the matter at hand. What are yours? Leave a comment below and let me know! Have a great day guys and have a great week! Oh and let me give a quick shout out to all my blogging followers! I’m up to 21 now and even though that doesn’t sound like a lot to some, it’s a lot to me. It means so much guys! Thank you all for the reads and the subscriptions! It’s very very very inspiring.

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Why I’m More Excited for Suicide Squad than pretty much any other superhero movie

Hey guys

Good morning guys! A great day lies ahead of you and you should have a great start by

Photo is courtesy of Warner Bros.

giving this thing a read while you drink your morning coffee. So I was asked by some people, why I am so excited for Suicide Squad. The answer to that my friends, is simple. I have been aching, dying for something fresh to show up to the screen. A superhero that is not the same thing that we’ve been seeing from Marvel for the past few years. I talked about this in my last post which talked about things that I wanted to see from Captian America: Civil War which you can find here. Basically, that’s why I have been so excited for Deadpool and Suicide Squad so much compared to some of the other superhero movies (and we’re about to get a ton).

The bad guys are the heroes!

I’m sorry, but it will never get old to me, seeing the bad guys trying to be good guys. And yet, despite their mission, the characters maintain their bad boy personalities. One of my favorite scene in the latest trailer is when Harley breaks a window and takes the purse out. When asked what was wrong with her she replied, “We’re bad guys, It’s what we do!” I don’t know why but that moment was just so funny to me, and that also makes me think about the awesome cast that they have on board. I’m so excited to see all these actors on screen together. Everyone on the casting list has done some solid acting in the past (except for Jai Courtney, but we’ll see how this goes). Oh but most of all, I’m sooooo excited to see Jared Leto as the Joker. I’ve seen multiple opinions from multiple people on that wisest and noblest of sources, the internet. Some say that Jared Leto will make a terrible Joker and some say he’ll be alright, but he won’t be as good as Heath Ledger. I say that we’re just going to have to wait and see. After the trailers, however, you gotta admit, that Jared Leto looks right at home in that make-up.

The plotline is a little shady

Even after all of the trailers that Warner Bros. has released, you still don’t get a clear understanding of the plot. The audiences will be walking in, not totally sure of what will be happening in the movie. This movie is actually connected to Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Together the two movies will be starting DC’s extended universe this year! A trailer confirmed that Batman is, in fact, in Suicide Squad which most likely means that it’s going to be Ben Affleck below the cowl yet again. In all honesty, I’m not speculating that much on the plotline of this movie, because I like being surprised. I have no idea what to expect from this movie and that is how it should be with every movie. Vagueness is awesomeness (that’s gonna be my new saying…. not even sure if that qualifies as a saying).

So all in all

That is really just my opinion on Suicide Squad and why I’m looking forward to it. Why are you looking forward to it? What are you most excited about? Let me know in the comments below! And have a great day everyone! Oh something really exciting! This was the first post that I wrote completely in HTML. So I kind of coded this post for you guys! Does that mean I’m cool now?

We Are Your Friends Movie Review

A comedy? A drama? Or……..

We are your friends is a movie about a group of friends that are living on the boring side of L.A. (behind the Hollywood sign). Anyways, the group of friends never went to college because they had some big plans for their future. Well this movie is all about them coming to realize that their dreams will never come true (kind of I guess). I’m not quite sure how to categorize this movie in terms of genre. It was (kind of) a different movie. One thing is clear though: This movie is for college kids and anyone in that age range. It was made for this generation. There is a bunch of flashing colors, a bunch of drugs, and the entire movie is fronted with a dubstep background. Oh and I almost forgot, every actor in this movie dresses and acts like the “hipster” we have all come to know and love today. Let’s get started shall we?

The Story

So the story centers on Cole Carter (played by Zac Effron) who is an aspiring DJ. He hangs out with a group of friends that are just trying to get by. They do what they can, from promoting clubs, to selling drugs at festivals. Then one night at a club, Cole meets the eccentric, alcoholic James (I don’t remember his last name). James is a well-known and well payed DJ. He’s been doing it for years, but now he seems to losing the talent he had when he was young. James eventually takes Cole Carter under his wing however, after he learns that Cole has potential. So James and Cole work together throughout the movie on music. That’s pretty much all you need to know, going into the movie because that’s what it’s about. An aspiring DJ getting help from a mentor. Of course there are a few twists and turns, here and there, but honestly? Absolutely predictable. Trust me folks, you’ve seen it all before here. Half of the story isn’t even that interesting! The best parts of this movie, were the parts where Cole was actually making music. It was really cool to see him in the zone when he started making the music. The rest of the story seems to be just there to be a filler. I wish there was more scenes of Cole making music and doing what he loved. But then they had to throw in this stupid love story, among other stupid scenes. I really don’t get why this movie was titled We Are Your Friends. I don’t think he had any friends the entire movie. The friends he has at the beginning are complete jerks (well one of them is) and his mentor, is an alcoholic that ends up hating him. The rest of this movie is just filled with scenes of parties (that’s where the flashing colors and drugs come in). I will admit, it was kind of entertaining for like the first two parties, but then I didn’t care for them much. I would have much rather have watched an actual story. I just think the story was a little predictable, and lacking in certain areas.

The Cast and Characters

Zac Effron was hands down the best in this movie. I think he did a great job of playing Cole, especially when he was actually being a DJ. He made the movie a lot of fun to watch, and sometimes you couldn’t help but feel elated when he dropped a beat, and grinned. That guy is talented. I just wish there was more backstory on him, as well as the rest of the characters. I think the character that got the most backstory was the supporting character, Sophie (she falls in love with Cole), and the only thing we really learned about her was that she went to Stanford! The friends that Cole have, Mason, Ollie, and Squirrel tend to be annoying. Not only that, but they kind of feel like they’re just there. There is only one thing that happens that actually made me feel for them, but for Cole more than anyone else. I think the biggest problem with the characters, was there wasn’t that much of a story to them. The movie was just in the moment of the movie. It didn’t care for what happened before. I just wish that the writers took some time to dive into the characters and create some stories for them. Anything had to be better than nothing! The characters they seem to tease you with backstory is Cole and James. Cole doesn’t have parents anymore (for some reason) but you never find out why! Something happened to James, that made him irreparable (for some reason) but you never find out why! IT’s like that throughout the entire movie. Besides that the characters are okay characters played by mediocre actors. Nobody really shines in this movie (save for Zac Effron). I just wish there was a little more. The best performers in the movie were Zac Effron, Wes Bentley (he plays James) and Emily Ratajkowski (she played as Sopihe). The rest were just annoying and crappy.

The Soundtrack and cinematography

Like I said at the beginning, this movie is meant the the younger generation of today. The movie is filled with electronic music. Some of the music I really liked and some of it I really didn’t like. Basically if you like electronic music, you’ll like the music in this movie. I think the best songs I heard were the ones that Cole made. They just sounded awesome honestly. The cinematography was terrible. The camera shots were basic and boring, and honestly just made the movie a little confusing. There would be some dialogue going on, and then suddenly it would cut through a ton of scenes of a party. The camera work didn’t flow well, is what I’m trying to say. It’s not a very even paced movie.

The Verdict…………. 2.5 out of 5

  • boring, and annoying characters
  • weird cinematography
  • predictable story
  • no backstory
  • overuse of party scenes

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