California Album Review

One of the biggest bands in pop punk is back…..

…….but this time with a slight twist in the line-up. For those of you who weren’t on the internet at all during 2015, Tom DeLonge was pretty much kicked out of Blink 182 and he is currently being replaced by Matt Skiba (frontman for Alkaline Trio). Now with Tom DeLonge on the sidelines, I can see why some people might be anxious about this new album and even angry that Blink 182 would go on without the famous UFO enthusiast. Let me assure you that DeLonge was not the only person that made Blink 182 what they are today (a band that knows how to put out a good tune) and this album proves it over and over again.

California will get all of the old Blink fans feeling nostalgic for earlier days with some recycled riffs and ridiculous songs such as ‘We Built This Pool’ and ‘Brohemian Rhapsody.’ Some people might not like the rehashed riffs and sounds, which is understandable, but I can see why this kind of album needed to be written in the first place. With a lot of people saying that Blink wasn’t Blink without Tom, I guess Mark wanted to show them that they’re wrong. Even with the recycled riffs and familiar sounds, you can’t deny that California is a great time. You’ll be singing along with the lyrics in no time, jumping like a madman whether you’re seeing them live or you’re listening to them in the car (on a side note, please don’t jump around like a madman while you’re in a car). I feel like Travis Barker always brings his best and California is no exception. Just the first song, ‘Cynical’ sees Travis going crazy with those sticks and it only goes uphill from there.

Mark Hoppus and Matt Skiba are absolute beasts at the vocals, switching seamlessly and taking turns for different verses and choruses and it sounds great. It almost sounds like they’ve been playing together for years and they’ve only just now  created an album together. They don’t harmonize too much in the album, however, which is kinda different from the dynamic between Mark and Tom. I also believe that Matt’s influence on the album was a little lacking. I know he writes darker songs in general and he’s really only stepping in for now, but I feel like he could have helped push the band in new directions.

That’s probably the worst part of the album. It feels like the band is staying in the same place. I know I said just earlier that I understand why they re-hashed some riffs and sounds, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t wish they would experiment a bit more in the genre. There are a few songs that sound more progressive than others such as ‘Los Angeles’ and ‘Home is Such A Lonely Place’ but overall, this album is classic Blink. Some might not like it and some others might. All in all, California finds a comfortable middle for the band with plenty of room to grow.

The Verdict………….4.0 out of 5 

  • Great vocals
  • Some amazing drumming from Travis Barker
  • Re-hashed sounds and riffs
  • A whole lot of fun

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Misadventures Album Review

It’s been FOUR STINKING years since Pierce the Veil released their last album, Collide With The Sky and it’s a given that fans have been dying to hear some new music. Misadventures is the 4th album by the band released May 13 of this year. A little history on my love for Pierce the Veil: the first song I heard by them was King for a Day and I was hooked. I soon bought their album, Collide with The Sky and listened to it on repeat for a few weeks. I also listened to their older albums and I just really fell in love with them. They just seemed pretty different to me, even for a postcore band. So now, after four years in the shadows, how does Pierce the Veil sound in their new album?

Awesome. They just sound awesome in this new album. It was definitely worth the four year wait to get our hands on some new music. Pierce the Veil has honestly taken it up a notch in terms of writing music. I’ve already hit repeat on this album 4 times.

The album opens with the song, ‘Dive In’, which starts off pretty slow but goes from 0 to 100 real quick. You can tell immediately from this song that Pierce the Veil is still Pierce the Veil, with their melancholy tunes and sick breakdowns. The breakdown in ‘Dive In’ is just brilliant and the rest of the breakdowns in this album follow the same formula. They all sound so groovy, like I’m serious, they all just flow really well. You don’t just want to headbang and jump around like a crazy person, you can just nod in appreciation to how it sounds (but I’ll headbang like a crazy person anyways). So yes the breakdowns are impressive and they are among some of the best I’ve heard. Besides the breakdowns, Pierce the Veil keeps the melancholy melodies that they’re so good at. Vic’s vocals match the music really well, as always and his screams are exceptional. I feel as if Pierce the Veil has struck such a great balance between brutality and melody which makes for a great listening experience. If this album has shown anything, it’s that a band can still sound just as new and refreshing when playing with the same formula.

I have a few gripes however (I know, I know). Sometimes I would be listening to the music and there were a few parts in the album (I don’t remember on which songs right now) that seemed a little forced and a little awkward. It kind of disrupted the flow of the album which is only a minor grievance.

All in all, Misadventures is a great album and was honestly worth the four year wait. Pierce the Veil has obviously still got it and they’re tearing it up with some great tunes.

The Verdict…………….4.0 out of 5

  • great breakdowns
  • excellent vocals
  • very original sounding music
  • some awkward/forced parts

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Blink 182 premieres new song ‘Bored to Death’

Happy Thursday ladies and gentleman!

So for those of you who might not have heard, Blink 182 released a new single yesterday evening. The song, titled Bored to Death was personally a huge hit with me (I listened to it like 20 times last night). Bored to Death is the first song that Blink has released since 2012 when they released the EP, Dogs eating Dogs (I believe I’m correct with that) and the first song that Blink has ever released without Tom Delonge. Even if you aren’t a huge fan of Blink, I honestly recommend that you give it a listen down below.

Bored to Death 


Along with the release of the new single, Blink has finally announced their upcoming album, California, which will be hitting the record stores on July 1st. This will also be their first album release without Tom.

What do I think about the track? Well as I already said above, I absolutely love it. I’m not the biggest fan of Blink 182, I haven’t listened to every song that they’ve ever released, but this song is ridiculously good. Sorry Tom, you missed out. Not only does this single have the significant sound to it that is Blink 182, but the lyrics also feel like classic Blink. I saw a comment on this video that said something along the lines of, “This is like a wine well aged.” I wholly agree with that. All in all I thought this was a great single for the upcoming album and I am pretty excited to get to hear the rest of this one.

What did you guys think of the single? Did you like it or hate it? Let me know! Have a great day.

Danger Days: The True Lives of The Fabulous Killjoys (Album Review)

The Future is bulletproof!

Hello again my readers! I hope all is we with you! So far, I have reviewed two of My Chemical Romance’s albums and now I am moving onto their fourth studio album. Danger Days (I’m just going to abbreviate the name to that) is actually my second favorite MCR album. I just really enjoyed this album for some reason. I guess I just really enjoyed how fun it was. Seriously, you could play any song from this album and I’ll lose my mind to it. Danger Days is really My Chemical Romance at the top of their game (creatively speaking). Danger Days is another concept album, the fourth studio album, released by My Chemical Romance through Reprise Records and Warner Bro. Records. The album was released on November 22, 2010, four years after the release of The Black Parade. This album is ultimately a big departure from everything that My Chemical Romance has ever done, with a new electronic, futuristic, arena sound and a story about a group of rebels called Killjoys. This album is epic, fun, and all around just a great time.

The Lyrics

In every album that My Chemical Romance has written, there is always a certain message, or theme, that present inside the lyrics. We should all know by now that Gerard Way is a very talented lyricist and with this album, he really brings it to the table. Since it is a concept album, you will catch little snippets of the story of the Fabulous Killjoys, however this album does not tell the whole story. Those of you who want to really experience the story should pick up a copy of The True Lives of The Fabulous Killjoys, a graphic novel written

Each member o MCR portrays different character in the story. Photo courtesy of Pinterest which can be found here.

by Gerard Way as a companion to the novel. You can find it on Amazon here. Anyways the album itself is filled with some wonderful lyrics. They are well written and catchy. Before you know it, you’ll be singing along to every song on here. The lyrics take a very different tone as well. They aren’t very dark or depressing. They aren’t about death or drugs. In fact, much of the lyrics in this album are uplifting and optimistic. Lyrics from songs like “SING” and “The Kids From Yesterday” feature some beautiful lyrics about not fitting in but being proud of that nonetheless. I think Gerard has really pushed himself to his creative limits for this album, in order to deliver us a great performance, vocally and lyrically.

The sound

Danger Days probably has the most unique sound of all the My Chemical Romance albums. My Chemical Romance carries the larger-than-life feel from The Black Parade to Danger Days, but Danger Days has a more electronic sound it it. If you were to listen to a song like S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W, the song starts with electronic chords. That’s not

MCR jamming out on stage. Photo courtesy of Ida A. on Flickr, found here.

to say that it’s a bad thing. I actually really like the direction that My Chemical Romance took with the album. It felt very fresh in terms of My Chemical Romance. And yes, this album is definitely the most poppy out of all of their albums, so if you don’t like poppy then don’t give this one a listen. If you can fight through that, however, I think you would be very satisfied with this album. The album has more aggressive songs however. I mean how about that opening track, Na Na Na?! RIGHT?! Destroya is also a very very aggressive song. So yes, there are songs that you can headbang to. I know there are people who don’t like this album as much as the older ones. People wanted another Three Cheers or another Black Parade but they got this instead. People can complain about this album all they want, but I love it. I listen to it at least once a day. I’m listening to it right now! I think My Chemical Romance tried very hard to achieve a new sound for their fourth album, and they succeeded. These guys are legends in my book. Even after all the major successes that they had with their music, they were still experimental and trying to be different. Then they just walked away after the fourth album……. If that’s not the most punk thing you’ve ever heard then I don’t know what is.

The Verdict…………… 5.0 out of 5.0 

  • Fresh sound for a new era
  • great lyrics that weren’t totally dark or depressing
  • My Stamp of Approval
  • Larger-than-life sound to it

Fun Fact

Did you guys know why My Chemical Romance wrote the song, Vampire Money? Well if you didn’t, they wrote it because they were offered a chance to write a song and record it for the last Twilight movie. They rejected the offer and wrote that song, because they were over their vampire phase. Did you know who did write a song for the movie? Green Day was offered after My Chemical Romance, which they accepted and wrote The Forgotten.

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Photo courtesy of Wikipedia which can be found here.

The Black Parade (Album Review)

Welcome to The Black Parade

Hello again guys! So I’ve decided to give my own two cents on every My Chemical Romance album that was released. A week ago, I posted a review for Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge and today I will be sharing my thoughts on The Black Parade which is when My Chemical Romance hit the big time. The Black Parade was released on October 23, 2006 through Reprise Records and is considered to be My Chemical Romance’s most successful album selling over 3 million copies worldwide and gaining platinum in multiple countries and gold in others. This album was the first My Chemical Romance album that I ever heard and of course the first song I heard by them was none other than Welcome to the Black Parade. I think this album is actually a good introduction to My Chemical Romance for anybody really. It’s not exactly heavy but it carries over the same dark themes (specifically of death) that My Chemical Romance is known for. In this album, My Chemical Romance taps into a more refined rock sound that has a larger-than-life feel to it, with some gorgeous creativity.

The Lyrics and Vocals

For those that do not know, The Black Parade is a rock opera, meaning that it has a story inside of the music that you will discover as you listen to it. It is about a character called The Patient who dies in the beginning of the 281x211album and goes into the afterlife where much of the story takes place. Some of the songs written in the album are actually The Patient’s flashbacks into his past life. Anyways, it’s a very original concept story for an album and the lyrics are amazing of course (but which MCR lyrics aren’t?). Gerard Way was sober when he wrote this album actually which, in my opinion, explains why the lyrics in this album seem to be more
mature. You can tell that Gerard is more mature as a person when he wrote this album and I’m not saying that Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge is for immature teenagers who hate life blah blah blah. Three Cheers for Sweet
 lyrics sound chaotic compared to this album. The lyrics aren’t meant for angry people, it’s meant for people who may have lost a loved one to death, or those who might be facing death. That’s not to say that they are the only ones who will enjoy this album. Like Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge, Gerard way writes great lyrics filled with imagery and metaphors. Gerard still has a one in a million kind of voice that he harnesses in the album. There is less screaming in this album however, so if you enjoyed that kind of thing then this album might not be for you. Like I said: less chaotic. Once again, the lyrics and vocals on this album are top notch like usual. People don’t just scream the anthems Welcome to the Black Parade and Teenagers just because they sound catchy. Gerard writes some meaningful lyrics that obviously have hit home to a lot of people including me. You can’t help but sing along.

The Music

Like I said in the beginning, this album has a larger-than-life feel to it and that is thanks to the music (of course). The opening song, The End, starts the-black-parade-large-msg-118160689463with just an acoustic guitar and Gerard’s singing but quickly grows into an ear-raping experience fueled by every member in the band. You can tell just from this first song that this album is going to be epic (and why
wouldn’t it be? It’s MCR after all….). 
Then you hear the opening chords of Dead! and you realize another thing: This album is going to be a lot of fun. And trust me it is. The music is absolutely brilliant and filled with
melodies. Ray Toro kills it with his power solos and lead guitar parts, powering through the song. The whole band is alive with energy in this album and it’s just awesome. The tunes are catchy and melodic and frankly, just awesome.


The Verdict………5 out of 5

  • awesome rock opera
  • amazing lyrics and vocals
  • great musical melodies
  • still has that significant MCR sound to it

Fun Fact!

Did you know that Gerard Way always intended for The Black Parade to be the last My Chemical Romance album? Seriously! Since the beginning Gerard knew that he wanted The Black Parade to be the final album. Isn’t that crazy?!

Thank you!

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That’s The Spirit Review

But if we sing along…….

Hey there. So if you haven’t heard BMTH’s new album yet, then you should keep reading. I know that I’m a few weeks late on this album and I apologize for that. Better late than never though right? That’s the Spirit was released on September 11, 2015 (awkward) and is ultimately a departure from the older work that BMTH has done. In the past year, BMTH has released three singles that prepared us for what the album would sound like. A Lot of people liked it, and a lot of people hated it. Don’t worry, I’m one of the people who liked it, but it’s not my favorite BMTH album.

The Sound

So the sound is ultimately different and every person should expect that. There are no more heavy breakdowns, no more brutal death metal screams. BMTH’s music has officially become as melodic as they could, and it’s not a bad thing. The heaviest song that you’ll find on this album is “Happy” and even that song isn’t the heaviest. Am I a little disappointed with the new sound? Let me just say this: I really dug Sempiternal because of the sound. I thought the way Sempiternal sounded was the perfect blend of heaviness and melody. I wish the music in this album was a little bit more on the heavy side than it is. Whether you like the new sound or not, is up to you. Oh and by the way, the songs are catchy, whether you are a fan of the heavy stuff or not. Like I said these songs are more melodic than BMTH has ever done before and their melodies do impress me. BMTH still has a dark sound that is just beautiful. The whole album has a dark undertone that will seem like home to all BMTH fans. The keyboard/synth player, Jordan Fish plays a bigger part in the music than before and he has created some really cool sounds to accompany the album. Bottom line is, I wish this album was heavier, but it doesn’t sound bad the way it is. It’s depending on how you like it.

The Lyrics and Vocals

In my opinion, the lyrics are the icing to the cake that is BMTH. Of course there is no change there in this album (thank goodness). The album is a “celebration of depression. . .” as said by Oliver Sykes in an interview with Alternative Press, found here. That becomes very plain to see from the very first song that is played, titled “Doom.” The song has some great lyrics that portray a depressed person’s acceptance of his fate and his depression (or at least that’s what I get from the lyrics). This song ultimately sets the tone for the rest of the album. I think my favorite song so far is “Follow You” which is the first actual love song that BMTH has ever written (I think. Don’t hate me if I’m wrong.) It’s a love song with a dark undertone though with some creative lyrics such as, “I will follow you cause I’m under your spell and you can throw me to the flames I will follow you, I will follow you.” I think this really shows how far Oliver Sykes has come since when BMTH was first started. The rest of the album features some more amazing deep lyrics that bring reality to depression. It’s actually quite amazing how well Oli portrays it. Oh and Oli has an absolutely beautiful voice when it comes to clean singing. I know we kind of already knew it due to the singles that came out before the album but man! He has a GORGEOUS VOICE!

The Verdict………… 4.0 out of 5

  • Beautiful, dark melodies
  • I Personally wish it was a little heavier
  • Awesome lyrics and vocals (as usual)

Thank you 

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White Noise Album Review

Why Aren’t you listening to them yet!?!?!

PVRIS is actually a new band (I consider them to be new). They just released their full length debut, titled White Noise, on October 31, 2014. Yes I know that was awhile ago, but I bet you haven’t listened to them either. I had heard about them through the year, all good things. But I had never actually heard them. Finally, I saw their album and decided to download it, excited to hear them. I can honestly say I understand the hype that surrounds this band. PVRIS consists of members Lyndsey Gunnulfsen, Alex Babinski, and Brian MacDonald. They had made a couple of EPs and demos before signing to Rise Records in June 2014. They were actually originally called “Paris” but due to legal reasons they had to change the name to PVRIS (but it’s still pronounced Paris….. I didn’t know that). Anyways, after signing to Rise, they created this totally awesome album. This is a great album, by any rock standards.

The Lyrics and Vocals

Lyndsey Gunnulfsen fronts this band, with engaging, aggressive vocals. She doesn’t scream in this album, but you can just hear the energy in her voice. Not only does she have an aggressive voice, she has an absolutely beautiful one too. There were many moments in this album, where I just fell in love with her voice. In my opinion, I think her vocals are the best part of the album. The lyrics pretty great too. They aren’t the best lyrics or anything. They aren’t mind blowing, but you can tell that Lindsey can write lyrics. They paint some awesome images in your head though, and you have no trouble understanding them. The dark lyrics and gorgeous vocals pull you right in and hold you there for the entire span of the album.

The Sound

PVRIS is a rock band that integrates electronic music with their standard rock music and I gotta say, they blend it pretty well together. The band creates a dark atmosphere in the album, that sounds really cool and unique. Not only is the music dark, but it is quite catchy. I caught myself humming some tunes to the album. There are some awesome guitar riffs in the album too, that would impress a lot of you guitar players out there. The album gives the instruments a very distinct sound in it, making it sound unique. I think this is what makes PVRIS a very distinct band. I think it’s also why a lot of hype surrounds them. They are one of the most unique bands I have ever heard. I’m very excited to see what this band will create in the future, because they sound solid on this album!

The verdict………. 4.0 out of 5

  • gorgeous, aggressive vocals
  • great, vivid lyrics
  • awesome and catchy sound

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