Frank Movie Review

How to Describe Frank……..

After I finished this movie on Netflix, I had no idea what to say. I was speechless. I’m actually still trying to piece together what I want to say. I guess I could start by explaining what Frank is. Frank is a comedy directed by Leonard Abrahamson about a man (Jon) who is plucked out of his dull life, and dropped into a band that is fueled by pure inspiration and insanity. The band looks to Frank as their leader (even the manager). Frank is an interesting character, to say the least. He looks after his band mates like a guardian angel, even though he has issues himself (wearing a paper-mache mask is just one of the few). He seems to find inspiration in everything, and applies it to his music. The movie itself is filled with dark comedy, and touching moments, that leave you satisfied at the end.

The Characters

The movie opens with our main protagonist, Jon (no, not Frank), who is trying to write songs in his head, and failing miserably. You can immediately tell that Jon is a wannabe songwriter. He does in fact however provide you some laughs throughout the movie, with his horribly written lyrics. Jon, throughout the movie, uses social media to talk about his boring life. It was funny to see his fame grow from the beginning, when he had just a few followers, to the end, when he had thousands of followers. When Jon is introduced to the rest of the band, you are introduced to a wide range of characters. You have the suicidal manager, Don (played by Scoot McNairy), who wishes he was Frank. You also have the extremely hostile Clara (played by Maggie Gyllenhaal) who butts heads with Jon throughout the movie, when it comes to Frank. The drummer, Nana (played by Carla Azar) and the bass player Baraque (played by Francois Civil) are very drawn back, but also very hostile towards Jon throughout the movie. Then there is Frank (played by Michael Fassbender). The mysterious yet visionary songwriter with a mask around his head. Michael uses movements, and dialogue to express his character, which makes you laugh throughout the movie. All together the characters make for an interesting band. They always seem to be mad at each other during practice, and their gigs never end well. The first gig of the movie, they play for thirty seconds, before the characters end up storming off the stage. They never can seem to get their act together, and it is funny to watch them break down and yell at each other. Frank seems to be the glue holding the band together.


The story only adds to the bizarre nature of the movie. Jon was picked to fill in for the band, at a gig that night, after the original keyboard player tries to drown himself. After playing a failed gig, Frank decided he liked Jon, so they decided to make Jon their permanent keyboard player. The band picked Jon up in their van, and then they drove out to the middle of nowhere, to a cabin in the forest. This is the cabin where they would spend over a year, writing and recording their album. Besides Frank and Don, none of the band mates like Jon, because they think he is bad for Frank, and he is going to try and change him. Jon does in fact try to change the band, and the sound. He urges Frank to make “more likeable” music, which kind of made him the bad guy. Jon is not really the bad guy though, he just likes different music. He still wants to fit in though, so he continues to try and push his way into the band, which makes the band dislike him more. The band practices that are held, are full of hilarity and randomness. You will find yourself laughing through the entire movie, whether it be at the hostility of the band mates towards each other, or the way Frank says his facial expressions out loud. You are also touched by moments of feeling, like in the end when the band performs “I Love You all”. You will be delighted by the story, which only paints the characters on a canvas for you. If I had one complaint about the story, it would be that I wish I had more time to know Frank and learn about him. We learn quite a bit about the other band members like Don, but I wanted to know about Frank more. We just didn’t get that.

The Verdict: 4.5 out of 5

  • very original story with original characters
  • superb actors
  • hilarity at its best
  • filled with touching moments

There is honestly nothing I can say about this movie without spoiling it. It is simply a movie you just have to experience for yourself. I’m still wondering if I wrote all of the right things for it. All I can tell you is that this is definitely a movie worth watching. You can find this movie on Netflix if you’re interested in watching it!

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The Weekend Pick

What is the Weekend Pick?

I decided that since the weekend is coming up, and we might be looking for ways to entertain ourselves (especially if you’re a no-life like me), so I created The Weekend Pick which will be released every Friday of the week. The Weekend Pick will be composed of my picks of entertainment for you to tackle this weekend! Sound fun? I hope so! I will pick a tv show and a movie on netflix, that you guys can binge! I will also pick a movie for you guys to go see at the theaters (if you’re feeling it) along with a book you might enjoy reading. These are just things that I would watch or read, so it doesn’t mean you have10715878456_81f302eea7_k to like them! This is simply a blog post explaining what I’m going to do with my weekend.

A Netflix Movie: Hot Rod

You can’t go wrong with Hot Rod. Filled with over-the-top bizarre and juvenile comedy delivered perfectly by Andy Samberg and the rest of the crew. This is an absolutely perfect way to end a Friday night with some friends or even family (mostly clean movie)! The movie is one of the goofiest movies you will ever see, so when you start the movie, keep that in mind, and I’m sure you’ll have a good time!

Movie in Theaters: McFarland, USA

3098219447_a5218d049a_oNot in the mood for Netflix? That’s cool, I understand. Want to go out? Then boy, do I have a movie for you! McFarland, USA is a story about a cross country coach that turns a team of athletes into champions! This is without a doubt the number one choice for a family that wants to go to the movies together (Fifty Shades of Grey is a good choice to though). The movie is an inspirational feel-good movie that is appropriate for all ages. If you’re not into that kind of stuff though, you can always go see Kingsman.

A Netflix Show: Bates Motel

I don’t know about you guys, but when this show came to Netflix, I lost it. I absolutely love this show! I am a fan of stories that involve serial killers (in case you couldn’t tell) and this show immediately got my attention. The dark story is delivered on a gold platter by awesome, well developed characters, played by great actors! The show is an all around great show, and it deserves it’s own review. They just put the second season on in time for the third season (Premiering March 9). So that is how I plan spending my Saturday, binging Bates Motel. Of course, if you’re not into serial killers, you can tear through Friends and see how far you can get there.

A Book: Game of Thrones

This is a great book, in a great series. There is such a complex nature to it, that it makes you want to know more, and the only way you know more, is by reading it. It is a very addictive process, and once you read a few pages, you will be hooked. This is a great book to just curl up into a chair with, on a nice sunday afternoon. I hope you guys don’t mind death and gore.

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Just Like You (Review)

Too Good for the truth in Cliche

It has been years since Ronnie was in his old band, Escape the Fate, releasing their 2006 hit album, Dying is your latest fashion. It was also the same year that Ronnie was charged for battery and placed on probation, which he would break in 2008, and end up in jail until 2010. Escape the Fate left Ronnie behind and got a new frontman Craig Mabbitt (punk). Once Ronnie was in prison he formed a new band called From Behind These Walls (which would later become Falling in Reverse). Ronnie was released from prison in 2010, and in 2011 Falling in Reverse released their debut album The Drug in Me is You. They then released Fashionably Late in 2013, which started a lot of controversy among fans. For the longest time fans were asking each other if they would ever see the old Ronnie again. Finally Ronnie announced that the next album that Falling in Reverse would produce will be a sequel (of sorts) to the 2006 Escape the Fate hit, Dying is Your Latest Fashion. That’s right, a sequel. Ladies and gentleman, the album does not disappoint……

They’re Baaaack………

After an identity crisis with that whole rapping phase, (just a joke guys, keep moving) Ronnie tackles this new album head on, reminding us of the old Ronnie. The cool thing about the album is that even though the album has it’s throwback feels, it also has a fresh feeling. Falling in Reverse was able to find a perfect balance with this album. It screams a pure classic metalcore sound, but it also retains that signature Falling in Reverse sound. There are of course the super catchy upbeat songs like “Just Like You” and “Sexy Drug”. These are the songs that show that Ronnie still has the ability to get a song stuck in your head. Then the album has the very straightforward, in-your-face metal songs like, “The Bitter End” and “Die for You”. These songs, among others, are probably the closest we will get to another Dying is Your Latest Fashion. Just the way the songs sounded, really took me back to the days when Ronnie was with Escape the Fate. There is one song (That’s right, ONE SONG) that Ronnie raps in. “Wait and See” definitely has the sound from Fashionably Late with electronic music mixed the heavy breakdowns, all brought together by the rapping of Ronnie Radke. Now, I was never the biggest fan of Ronnie bringing rap into Falling in Reverse, but honestly this one song sounded really cool. The electronic music wasn’t overdone this time, and the song actually sounded relatively good to me. The only thing I have to say is, that intro sounded A LOT like the intro to that one Fallout Boy song right (RIGHT?!)? This album really is a solid piece of work, probably Falling in Reverse’s best one yet (Everyone has a right to their own opinion…). “Brother” is definitely a tear jerker, with a piano playing and Ronnie singing his heart out about his brother who was gone too soon. Ronnie writes catchy lyrics and writes catchy tunes to accompany those lyrics. He has a way with words that still amaze me, even on this album.  The rest of the band provides some quality work as well. Jacky Vincent still kills it at playing guitar. He plays some absolutely insane solos for this album! Nobody can shred a guitar like him! Ryan Seaman plays some very crafty drum beats, providing a solid beat for the band. Overall this album is absolutely amazing and a perfect addition to my Falling in Reverse collection.

The Verdict: 5 out of 5

  • awesome lyrics and awesome vocals
  • solid beat
  • catchy songs
  • creative breakdowns

I plan to buy this album on Tuesday February 24 and you guys should get this album too! I am very excited to have reviewed this album and I hope I helped you guys make a decision on buying the album.

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Sempiternal Album Review

A Force to be Reckoned With…….

Bring Me the Horizon, a British metalcore band has continued to put albums out for the past 11 years, getting bigger and bigger with each album that is released. They have continued to conquer and that is why they are now considered one of the biggest bands in the genre of metalcore. Since the band is currently in the studio recording their fifth studio album, I decided to take the time and review their fourth album, Sempiternal. A beautiful yet dark and realistic take on life, that was released in 2013. This album is argued to be the band’s greatest work yet, showing that they can really test the limits. The album is also arguably one of the greatest metalcore albums that was released in 2013. The album won two award for best album of the year. Either way, you can’t deny, Bring Me The Horizon is a force to be reckoned with.

Lyrics and Vocals

By now, we should all know that Oli Sykes (Lead Singer) is intent on wrenching our hearts with emotion, through his lyrics. He has done this all of his career with heart-wrenching songs like “Don’t Go” and “Chelsea Smile” and Sempiternal is no exception. Oli uses a wide range of lyrics from the lost and hopeless lyrics that inhabit “Can You Feel My Heart” to the angry lyrics that are “Antivist”. Oli shows all sides of himself with the lyrics he writes for the album. Not only does he write the most perfect lyrics for an album like this, but his delivery on vocals is just as perfect. His voice varies and corresponds with the lyrics, only enhancing the overall experience you get from hearing the lead vocalist. He not only shows his emotions through the lyrics, but through his unique screaming/singing vocals. In songs like “House of Wolves” you can hear his anger through the way he screams. In songs like “Hospital for Souls” you hear the sorrow in his voice (which succeeds in making you sad, I must say). You can’t help but be filled with emotion throughout this album, for one reason: This album is solely about outcasts and their stories. One reason why I have always loved Bring Me The Horizon is because they understand what being an outcast is like, and through their experiences, they share that, and help others that struggle with it. Reading the lyrics is not the same as hearing it, but here are just some of the lyrics used in this album.

  • “I can’t drown my demons, they know how to swim.” – Can You Feel My Heart
  • “Hold me close, don’t let go, watch me.” –  Hospital For Souls
  • “United we’ll fail, divided we’ll fall” – Antivist
  • “Can you tell from the look in her eyes? We’re going nowhere.” – Shadow Moses

The Sound

The sound of the album is very raw and only compliments the vocals. You can see how hard the rest of the band worked on making the sound to make a sound like no other. My only complaint about the sound is that the album has moments (particularly breakdowns) where I just wanted to skip. Some of the breakdowns were so simple and not complex. That’s not only happening to this band though, it is happening to a lot of bands everywhere. Breakdowns are becoming more and more generic. The album only had a few of these moments however. Besides breakdowns the album had a dark and beautiful melody that flowed flawlessly throughout the album. One of my favorite songs on the albums was “And The Snakes Start to Sing” just because of the opening melody on the keyboard (played expertly by Jordan Fish) and on the guitar (also played expertly by Lee Malia). The music flows together so well and gives the entire album a cool ominous feeling to it. The melodies blend perfectly with Oli’s vocals, and sound beautiful on their own as well.

The Verdict: 4.9 out of 5 

  • Vocals and lyrics are full of true emotion
  • the sound of the instruments only compliment the singer
  • the album is a dark masterpiece
  • generic breakdowns

Guys I can’t stress how great this album really is. Even if you don’t like metalcore, I encourage everyone to at least give this album a try. The album is dark but also realistic and honest about the world we live in today. I don’t care how you listen to it, just listen to it! I recommend this album to anyone!

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Seventh Son Review


I never thought I would find myself sitting in a theater watching this movie. Honestly, the trailers looked horrible and it was the last thing I wanted to spend my Valentine’s Day doing. I got sucked into seeing it though, because I had nothing better to do on Valentine’s Day, so here I am. Trying to write a review for an awful excuse for a movie. Seventh Son is a movie set in a mystical land (that is not once named throughout the full length of the movie) full of two kinds of people. Witches and Spooks (people that kill witches). There is only one spook left in the world and his name is Master Gregory (Jeff Bridges). He is trying to find an apprentice to help him defeat Mother Malkin (Julianne Moore). He can never hold on to an apprentice for longer than ten years because they always get killed by witches (how inconsiderate of them). Finally, though, he seems to find the one. Tom Ward (Ben Barnes) is the man for the job. Together, Tom and Master Gregory face off against the forces of evil…… Sounds exciting? I guess, but then there was the actual movie…….. Let’s get started shall we?

Where Did You Go Back story? 

First off, let me start with the problem that annoyed me the entire 120 minutes. There was almost no back story to be had here. Scratch that, there is no back story to be had here. Half the time, I was wondering why some things were the way they were, and why this was happening, and why this item was significant. These questions distracted me from the rest of the very predictable plotline and the dull cast of characters (not that any of those things were good enough to actually care about either). I have a few examples for what I mean, when I talk about back story:

  • What was so significant about the seventh son of the seventh son?
  • How long was Mother Malkin inside that “eternal” prison?
  • How on earth did Tom Ward’s mom get that amulet from Mother Malkin?
  • Where on Earth are these people? Where is the setting?

These are just a few of the questions I had throughout the movie and as far as I know, they were never answered! I you are an avid fan of back story, then this movie is not for you. It is filled with so many plot holes it really takes away from the movie.

The Characters/Actors/Actresses

The characters in this movie are so dull and boring, played by mediocre actors and actresses (save Julianne Moore and Jeff Bridges (but even their performance wasn’t exactly superb)). I was never interested in the characters, and had a hard time remembering their names, due to the fact that they were just that uninteresting. The main character was a good-looking charming guy who seemed to be able to do things that even his master could not do (in the movie he kills a monster that has never been killed…… like ever…..yea). This formula made for a horribly stereotypical protagonist. The main character’s master, Master Gregory was even more annoying. Not for the reasons you would think though. My main problem with him was the fact that I never understood him! Seriously!! Half the time, I kept asking my friend beside me, “What did he just say?” Jeff Bridges just never knows when to quit it with the voice (seriously dude, it’s ok to speak english). Mother Malkin was an okay villain I guess. I just never felt like she was this huge threat. She never gave off this ominous threatening feeling. I was surprised by the lack of menace because usually, when it comes to villains, Julianne Moore always delivers (Take Carrie for example!). Maybe I was just too distracted by the other problems in the movie, to really notice it. Anyways, there is also a love interest, who is pretty beautiful (of course). The main character and the love interest fall in love within a few days, and then are torn apart by their very different destinies at the end (of course). I’m not even going to name the actress of the love interest’s name because she is not worthy of mentioning, whether it was the actress’s skills or the character herself. Honestly not a single character was interesting, or had any sort of character development. None of the actors or actresses really delivered their role in a superb fashion. The characters will not help you find any solace in a movie like this.

Dialogue and Camera Work

The dialogue is not awful, some might not even consider it to be bad. If you think the dialogue is good though, you are wrong, by far. The dialogue is filled with dry witty jokes, and cheesy (very cheesy) lines. The wise cracks, and dry humour jokes, don’t make you laugh. They will most likely make you roll your eyes, and check your watch, wondering if this nightmare was over yet. Other than the cheesy lines and dry humor, the dialogue is very straightforward, which I can appreciate. Dialogue doesn’t always have to be complex to be considered good.

The camerawork was very good for the most part. We got to see a lot of cool nature shots of the mountains. The cameras really made the scenery pop out at you. For the most part it was in fact a very beautifully shot movie. The problem was that sometimes it was hard to see the beauty because the camera didn’t seem to focus on anything. Throughout the movie I noticed that the picture was fuzzy, causing me to strain my eyes for most of the movie. I’m not sure if that was the camera’s fault or the projector’s fault.  The action scenes weren’t bad though. You could actually tell what was going on, while the fight was going on. When it comes to action, the camera work is solid, so you don’t miss a beat watching the mayhem unfold.  The CGI was absolutely terrible though, even for today’s standards. You could easily tell what images were computer generated, and what images were not (most of it was CGI). My favorite scenery shots were the end credits. The effects were cool there, and it looked really good. I would’ve just thought that though, because I was ready to leave.

The Verdict: 1.5 out of 5. (1 being the worst. 5 being the best)

  • There is a lack of back story
  • The characters are boring and fail to capture your attention
  • The plot of the story is very predictable
  • Very fuzzy picture

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Hey there guys! My name is Colby Farr, I am an aspiring writer and musician, and that is kind of why I am on here. I have tried blogging in the past but I could never keep myself motivated to keep up with it. This is my next attempt at blogging and I hope it goes a lot smoother! So if you let me, I’ll introduce you to the corner of my little world.

A Little About Myself 

I am a senior in high school as of now. If you’re reading this a year or two after it’s posted I’ll be in college at that point. I had always been fascinated by writing stories, and other things, but I never felt good enough to actually try anything. At the start of my senior year I started writing some short stories, just some 2-3 page stories. When I showed them to my friends, they said I was pretty good at it, not perfect, but good. That was good enough to inspire me to pretty much throw myself at writing. I am not always very secure about my writing, in fact I’m very insecure. It is taking me way Picture of me longer than it should to write this blog post. But if you are lucky, I might share some of my short stories on this blog. Besides writing I absolutely love music. I play guitar and I’m currently trying to learn piano (if I only had more time!). Another thing I love is camping and the outdoors! I am a boy scout (soon to be an Eagle scout!) and have been all my life. The outdoors is just my happy place.

What I will be blogging about.

I decided I needed to narrow my writing into things more specific, so in this blog I will be talking about entertainment. When I say entertainment I mean movies, books, music, tv shows etc. Pretty much anything that would fall into that category. I am a big movie junkie, I have loved them ever since I was a kid! I will be reviewing movies on this blog, and elaborating on any movie news that I might cross. I will be reviewing music albums, and talking about them, and any other music that might interest me. I am a big fan of rock (all kinds) so that’s probably what you’re going to see the most of. I absolutely love reading books, and I will be reviewing books on here as well, and starting discussions with you guys on books. I am very excited to start working on this.

Help me help you. 

If you ever want to contact me directly, I will be attaching a contact form to every post until I figure out a more legitimate way of doing that (sorry, still pretty new to blogging, and I still don’t know everything!). I just want to avoid getting my email spammed. Anyways, I welcome all kinds of comments or questions. After all, criticism is the best way for a writer to learn how to improve, right? Don’t be afraid about being criticising, as long as you are just being honest, you are fine.

Here’s to a great blog. 

I am super excited guys! I hope this can turn out to be a great blog!