Suicide Squad movie review

It’s finally here Ladies and Gentleman!

Suicide Squad, which was just released a couple of weeks ago, faces a large task of trying to redeem the DC movie universe after the tangled mess of BVS. If you haven’t read my review of that movie than you should know that I wasn’t a big fan of that movie. Let me just say right off the bat, I saw this movie as a definite improvement over Batman V Superman. Is it perfect? No. There are a number of imperfections in the movie that take away from an otherwise very fun experience.

The Story 

 The plot of the movie is honestly a little underwhelming though. I don’t want to say that it’s a jumbled mess, but you will feel slightly confused at some points. And the story definitely won’t blow you away. For most of the movie, I felt as if it was rushed. It was like we were being pushed from scene to scene with little time to do any sight-seeing. I found myself wishing for more scenes when it was just the Suicide Squad talking to each other (I explain more in the characters section) and not just spectating fight after fight. The villain didn’t seem threatening to me so it was kind of hard to care at some points. The squad didn’t seem challenged at all by their opponents which made it even harder to care. The story really did seem like a cut and paste job with a tacked on villain and a lack of depth. Where the movie might fall short on story however, I think it makes up with it’s cast of characters.

The Characters 

The characters and the actors were actually pretty great in this movie. Margot Robbie killed it as Harley, so did Will Smith as Deadshot. Viola Davis played the ruthless character, Amanda Waller and she did a killer job. Jai Courtney surprised me by playing a great Captain Boomerang. Basically everyone in this movie did a pretty good job (or at least I think). One of the most annoying things about the movie (as mentioned before) is that there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of interaction between the actual Suicide Squad. You can tell that the characters in the spotlight are Deadshot and Harley Quinn. The rest kind of fade into the background, delivering one liners at the appropriate times. It makes you kind of roll your eyes when they talk about being like a family (Like really? You guys have barely said ten words to each other all night). One of my favorite scenes in the movie is when the squad are in a bar (you see it in the trailer) and they’re just talking to each other, building their characters. I think these actors actually have some great chemistry with each other and it makes the bar scene really stand out from the movie. If only there were more moments like that.  

Now let’s talk about the Joker, played by Jared Leto. Now we’ve all heard the crazy stories that surrounded him while he made this movie and we’ve also heard some harsh words said about him playing as the Joker. I for one, will not be jumping to any conclusions about his character. He’s more of a cameo than an actual character in this movie and that’s not entirely a bad thing. I wouldn’t call his performance bad however. It was merely a new and interesting take on the Joker and I don’t think we’ve seen enough to judge so harshly. I for one am very excited to see more of Leto’s take on the character. If you absolutely needed to hear my opinion, however, I’d have to say that I kind of like what Leto is doing. So to all those critics that are calling for Leto’s head, let’s tone it down a little shall we? I mean the guy took this role on after Heath Ledger gave his legendary performance as the Joker in The Dark Knight. Leto’s obviously gotta be a little crazy for doing that right?

The Verdict…….. 3.0 out of 5

  • rushed story
  • lame villain
  • great actors and great chemistry

Suicide Squad is not a bad movie but it has some weird flaws in it that really annoyed me. Obviously there are always going to be people with different opinions. Feel free to let me know what you thought of this movie in the comments! Did you like Jared Leto as the Joker? Did you like the movie or did you hate it?

Thank you for reading and I’ll catch you next time…..



The Shallows offers an intense experience

The Shallows opened in theaters a long time ago, I know, but I actually just saw it the other night. Since I need to go into overdrive for the next few weeks and catch up on my posting and what not, I decided to write a review for this movie. Is The Shallows perfect? Absolutely not, but it does make your heart race if you can suspend your beliefs a little.

The Shallows takes place somewhere in Mexico when a girl that goes by the name of…….. you know what? We’ll just call her Blake Lively, since she’s the actress who stars as her. Anyways, Blake is currently running from her life after her mom recently passed away. She dropped out of med school and instead went on a world tour of sorts. She goes to a secret beach that her mom told her about so she can go surfing. Long story short, she gets stranded on a rock that is just 200 yards from the shore with a killer shark circling around her.

It’s a pretty simple premise, but it works wonders in terms of cranking up the intensity. The fact that Blake can see the shore throughout the entire movie but she can’t seem to get at it adds to her desperate situation. Blake Lively did an excellent job and she really carries this movie actually. She’s probably not going to win an oscar for this performance but she proves that she’s got a natural talent for it.

The Shallows is an intense survival movie starring Blake Lively who is trapped on a rock by a killer shark
The Shallows is an intense survival movie starring Blake Lively who finds herself trapped on a rock by a killer shark.

Now of course, this movie isn’t without it’s flaws. One of the big flaws is the shark itself. The CGI didn’t look too great in this movie, first of all. It doesn’t necessarily ruin the whole movie but it was a minor annoyance with me. Oh and the shark’s behavior was definitely unbelievable. I’m sorry but there really aren’t any wild sharks that will hang around a rock for three days, kill three people and be able to do some of the other things that this shark does in this movie. When watching this movie, you pretty much have to completely erase your mind of everything that you know about sharks. Oh and it was unbelievable how stupid Blake’s character was. She told her driver at the beginning that he didn’t need to come check on her, even after he told her he lived close by. She didn’t have a designated ride (Uber doesn’t count) and she was in the water alone, swimming up to dead whales. I just shook my head the whole time during the first half hour of this movie.

I think my favorite part about this movie was the cinematography. The Shallows blew my mind with the camera shots. The angles and the action were obviously thought out very thoroughly and shot very well.

The Verdict………3.0 out of 5

  • Intense
  • Great acting
  • A little unbelievable

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Captain America: Civil War movie review 

What a great movie!

I’m just going to start this review off by saying this is in fact a freaking awesome movie and you should definitely go see it. It’s one of the best Marvel movies yet! So if you don’t want to read this whole thing, then I’ll just say it now: Captain America: Civil War is worth watching.

The Story

Civil War starts off strong and only gets stronger. There’s a lot of tension between the Avengers and the government currently and the Avengers are taking sides with one side led by Tony Stark and the other side led by Steve Rogers. Tony believes that it is best if the Avengers and all other superheroes are controlled by the government while Steve thinks that it’s the worst idea because politicians have agendas and the government would hinder the Avengers from ddoing ther job. The first half of this movie is really just alot of the ideologies clashing without any real fighting between the heroes. We have a lot of scenes where the Avengers debate amongst themselves about what’s right and what’s wrong. Let me be honest….. you’re going to change which side you support throughout the runtime of this movie (that is until the last 30 minutes or so) which is awesome. Both sides make some really good points and you feel very torn between the two which makes it even harder to watch the fight ensue. Throughout the movie things continue to escalate until we have a big fight scene between both sides which was awesome. I think my favorite part about the entire movie was this fight scene and more specifically Tom Holland as Spider-Man. Someone give that guy a medal because he KILLED IT. I look forward to seeing him in future Marvel movies because he was just awesome. Don’t believe me? Go see it for yourself. Alright so I have one minor complaint about the story overall and it doesn’t really take away from the movie, but it did kind of nag at me while I watched it. The funny part is, I was kind of expecting it. Since this is a Captain America movie, you can guess that this movie very subtly takes the side of Captain America. At first the movie has two very clear sides with very debatable opinions, but as the movie progresses Captain America seems more and more like the good guy of the movie and Tony Stark is the bad guy. Now before you get angry, I know that Tony isn’t a bad guy, but there are certain situations in the movie that seemed to paint Captain America in the good light and Tony in the bad. It just annoyed me a little bit but it didn’t ruin the movie.

The Characters

I believe this is the first movie where we see everyone in it (exclluding Guardians of the Galaxy) since Ant-Man and it’s a real thrill. The ony thing that is possibly better than the story is the characters who bring the story to life. It was just awesome to see Scarlett Witch go up against Vision and to see Spider-Man face off against Ant-Man and etc. Oh and it is always a pleasure to see Bucky back on the screen as well. I was excited to see Bucky again because, frankly, I thought he did such a wonderful job with Captain America: Winter Soldier. I think he grows even more as a character in this movie and it was pretty great, getting to see him fight alongside Captain America again. Oh and did I mention Spider-Man and hw amazing he was? For the first time on screen, I actually felt like I was watching a teenager so good job there. Basically I just really liked seeing all the characters and finally getting to see them face off. It was a real good time and has officially revamped me for future Marvel movies.

The Verdict……..4.0 out of 5.0

  • Awesome story
  • great characters and great actors
  • Spider-Man
  • Awesome fight scenes

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The Hateful Eight movie review

Yes… I know I’m late

To be honest, I didn’t plan to write a review for this one. The Hateful Eight premiered in theaters on December 25, 2015 and was just released on DVD and blu-ray on March 29. When I saw this movie on Redbox however, I really wanted to watch it so I rented it. I didn’t really plan on writing a review for it though, because of how long it’s been out. I am watching this movie for the third time however and I regret with every fiber of my being, not going to see this movie in theaters. This movie is without a doubt one of the greatest movies I’ve ever seen. Despite the fact that you’ve probably already heard so much about this movie and might have even seen the movie yourself, I thought I might as well add my own two cents to the pot.

The Review

For those of you who might not have seen The Hateful Eight yet (you’re crazy if you haven’t) the movie revolves around a cast of characters, locked inside a cabin from a blizzard. Inside this cabin you have quite a few different types of characters, including bounty hunters, a hangman, a Mexican innkeeper, a past Confederate general and a prisoner being taken to hang for a reward. With so many mysterious characters, John Ruth (the bounty hunter) fears that someone might be in cahoots with Daisy Domergue (the prisoner) to free her from her fate to hang. Just like that we have a movie (but more importantly a Quentin Tarantino movie). This plot is heavy with classic Tarantino style dialogue, heavy tension, and a bloody finale. When I think about the plot, I don’t actually have any complaints about this movie. I’ve heard some people complain about how fast things came to a close, but that didn’t bother me. The first half was filled with interesting dialogue and amazing monologues (Seriously, some of my favorite I’ve ever heard) while the second half escalated so quickly, it was over before you knew it. I liked the structure of the plot and the story was very intriguing and exciting. It’s kind of hard to classify the movie into one genre, because well…… it’s a Tarantino movie. I can assure you though that this movie is kind of like a mystery. After bad stuff happens, it becomes a game of whodunit. This movie is three hours long but it zooms by in the blink of an eye. The tension was always building and you were constantly drawn to the plot, hanging on every last word said by the characters.

All of the actors did amazing jobs. It’s hard for me to pick a standout role, simply because of how amazing everyone was in this movie. I mean……. it blows my mind. Each of the actors filled their roles perfectly so props to everyone there. Every single one of the characters in the movie had different ideologies and some interesting backstories, and the actors just really brought them to life. I’ve noticed that trend in Quentin’s movies. There’s always a guarantee for great acting. There were confrontations between the characters that had nothing to do with the prisoner, Daisy Domergue and they were just as interesting as the main plot.

Also I just wanted to give a quick nod to the music in this movie. If you’ve already seen the reviews for this movie, you’ve probably heard about the soundtrack. I’m going to go ahead and reiterate the amazingness of the soundtrack however. It’s amazing. It fits the mood of this movie so perfectly well and it sounds great. The composer did a great job with the music so congratulations to him on that.

Oh and the camerawork was amazing. I feel like I’m not getting the grand scope of it all by watching it on my 32″ TV but even I can tell that this movie must really have looked magnificent in the 70 mm projection screenings. Everything about the camerawork was amazing. There were beautiful scenic shots and fast action shots during action scenes. The camera work just felt really snappy and solid.

The Verdict………5.0 out of 5.0

  • Great dialogue
  • Great tension building story
  • Amazing actors
  • Gory action

Hands down, this is my new favorite Quentin Tarantino film and maybe one of my new all time favorites. I feel as if I have much more to say on the movie, but I’m pretty sure that I’ll just be repeating myself. If you haven’t seen this movie, then I recommend it to you if you’re into Tarantino movies. Thank you for giving this review a read! Please like and share! You can also check out my other reviews in the sidebar to the left. What did you think about the movie? Comment and let me know! Thank you guys!

A Note to the Haters on Star War Rogue One

No one cares…

Or at least most people don’t. There I said it. Listen nobody cares whether or not you liked the trailer to the movie. And while I suspect that most comments on Youtube are just pure trolling and hate trash, it’s annoying. It’s annoying because it’s hard to find anything positive on the internet nowadays but it’s even worse when h the comments are made by wannabe critics who judge a movie before it’s even out in the theaters. They released one trailer, one trailer, and already I can’t believe some of the comments. I think I’m just going to avoid the comment sections from now on, but right now…… I’m going to rant.

On the Female protagonist….

You guys can’t just say that their forcing another female protagonist. Get over it and realize that it’s not YOU who is making the movie. If they want a female protagonist then they can have one. A female or male protagonist is not going to break the movie. We have to wait until the movie comes out to see if that character is likable, if that character is played very well by the actress. Even then, a movie can be very enjoyable even if the lead character isn’t great. You can’t write a movie off just because it has another female lead. I also saw some person post on Tumblr about how she rolled her eyes when women were crying over the trailer because of the female lead. Then this person, in the same post, talked about how she won’t be impressed with the new Star Wars movies until she sees a black woman take the lead. Seriously? Now, before you guys go nuts, I’m not saying that it’s a crazy idea to have a black woman in a lead part for Star Wars. I wouldn’t even mind seeing it in the future. But to be unimpressed with a movie just because it doesn’t feature a black lead? Oh and she calls herself a huge Star Wars fan……. The problem here is, that people are writing movies off just because it doesn’t feature something that they want in the movie. I’m sure these people consider themselves to be expert movie critics too. Listen guys… It’s not YOUR movie. Not every little thing in this movie is going to be what you wanted, but that’s where the movie critic comes in.

On the Star Wars universe as a whole…..

I also was graced with a lot of comments about how Disney was going to ruin the Star Wars universe. How Disney was going to put out way too many movies, and they wanted quality over quantity, which is once again premature judging. People who make these types of comments are assuming and insinuating that most of these movies are going to be terrible, but I want to know where they’re getting their information from. Were they in the same room as the script was written? Have they had a chance to go on set? For some reason, I highly doubt it. After the prequels, any Star Wars fan should have been dying for more movies, but they never came. Until Star Wars The Force Awakens of course. Despite the fact that it had similar plot elements to past Star Wars movies, it was a pretty good movie. Admit it….. you enjoyed it. Now Disney is going to be putting out more?! Are you kidding me?! This should be every Star Wars fan’s dream! Rogue One is going to be the first movie spin-off and you know what? Bring it on because I’m excited for it. Yes, I understand that some people might be worried or cautious about more Star Wars movies, but I actually don’t see why people are feeling that way. Disney doesn’t have many bad movies on it’s rap sheet. Look at Marvel! Disney didn’t ruin that, did they? Was every movie perfect? No, but they were and still are pretty enjoyable. Is every movie in the Star Wars universe going to be perfect? Heck no, but I’m willing to bet that they’re going to be pretty terrific in the long run. Besides, what’s the worst that could happen? You go see one of the movies at the theaters and you didn’t like it. You’re down a few bucks but you’ll live.

End rant

I know that critiquing movies always includes opinions. Most reviewers on the internet today are very opinionated actually. But I’m just sick and tired of people writing a movie off on one teaser trailer and for some of the dumbest reasons ever. You can’t tell a movie by one trailer, let alone a teaser. Please stop judging a movie by it’s teaser and just wait before you voice your full opinion. Thank you guys for bearing with me through this and thank you for reading. If you haven’t seen the teaser for Rogue One, you can check it out below!

Suicide Squad Trailer #3 Recap

Happy Monday guys!

I hope all of you had a great weekend! I had an awesome time, getting to go camping this week with my best friends Michael and Tyler. It’s a Sunday night currently but I want to wish you guys good morning, or good afternoon, or good whenever you’re reading this. So the third trailer for Suicide Squad just dropped and my friend texted me about it so I thought I’d check it out. I have to say that this trailer does not take away any of my excitement for the movie, but I’m starting to feel like there is no need for another. Check out the trailer below….

Trailer #3 for Suicide Squad opens with a man asking a room full of people, what if Superman had decided to kidnap the president and who would stop him if he did? I really liked that. It showed that even after the supposed “death” of Superman, people are still debating over whether or not they should have been afraid of Superman. It shows continuity from Batman V Superman and it shows that us normal humans aren’t taking any risks. We are led to believe that this question transitions to the proposal for the construction of the Suicide Squad. A lethal team composed of bad guys that are ready to do some damage. The rest of the trailer is filled with some awesome action scenes and comedic moments.

Admittedly the trailer is cool. It’s got cool music and it even shows us some cool new scenes (especially of the Joker but I’ll get to that later), but this trailer doesn’t seem to serve a purpose, besides building hype. We don’t learn anything new, there’s no other plot points revealed. I don’t mind getting hyped up for this movie, but I also like being surprised. I wouldn’t mind too much if there wasn’t another trailer for this movie till the release in August (why so far away?). 

Alright, so about the Joker. Did anybody else catch the scene where part of his face looked

Suicide Squad (2)
A screenshot showing the Joker’s face

burned? Seriously, just watch again and look closely. That scene was easily the most interesting scene in the whole trailer. I mean there were other various scenes in the trailer that made me curious but I really wanna know what happened to the Joker’s face. Another thing about this trailer before I close up, I’m getting the sense that the Joker is not the main villain here. I don’t know what it is, but I just really don’t think that the Joker is the guy that the Suicide Squad is after.

Alright so those are my thoughts on the matter at hand. What are yours? Leave a comment below and let me know! Have a great day guys and have a great week! Oh and let me give a quick shout out to all my blogging followers! I’m up to 21 now and even though that doesn’t sound like a lot to some, it’s a lot to me. It means so much guys! Thank you all for the reads and the subscriptions! It’s very very very inspiring.

Peace out!

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Review

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone! I hope the Easter Bunny has brought you a lot of candy and some good vibes, because that means I can crush those good vibes with a negative review. As always, thank you for reading and if you’re still reading…… well you must not have gotten any good vibes. Man, it’s been a year for my blog already. Time goes so fast. I know that I might be getting this review out later than other reviewers, but I got this review out before the end of opening weekend and I think that deserves a win. Now onto the review! There were few things to like, but they were outnumbered by the bad things.

The Story

There were a few things I can say about the story. One of those things is, this is pretty much a Batman movie with Superman and Wonder Woman. I actually didn’t mind that since Ben Affleck really does a solid job, playing as Bruce Wayne. Another thing about the story: for a movie that is titled Batman V Superman, there isn’t a whole lot of Batman fighting Superman. There is one scene in the movie where Batman and Superman finally go at it, fist to fist. But by the time we got there, I just wasn’t that into the movie anymore, I wasn’t excited. By the time we got to the main event, I was tired of the convoluted story, the various story arcs. This movie felt more like a Justice League movie, if I must be honest. With Wonder Woman in the movie and various scenes with more of the Justice League heroes, it felt like this movie was trying really hard to kickstart the whole DC movie universe into motion. It felt like they were trying to shove a bunch of stuff in on this movie so that they could hurry up and get to Justice League. I mean, am I the only one that thought Wonder Woman got too much screen time? I know she didn’t get a ton of it, but I felt like if you cut a lot of her scenes out, this movie would’ve been a lot shorter. Oh and did I mention that Batman fighting Superman wasn’t even the last battle scene? No….. Right after that we have Doomsday, which most of us had already guessed was going to be shoved in at the end. After watching the movie, I felt like the first hour and a half of this movie had no focus, no drive, which should not have felt this way. There wasn’t enough conflict between Batman and Superman. I could say a few more things, but I will not for the sake of spoilers. In the end, I thought this story was very convoluted, making this plot, which had a lot of potential, fall flat on the ground.

The Characters

Ben Affleck plays an excellent Batman, which most had actually anticipated. I like the way Batman is in this movie actually. For those of you who don’t know, he definitely kills people in this movie. It’s not even a matter of question. He really does kill some folks. Now for those who might be upset about that, they should realize one thing: Batman has been written as a non trusting psychopath for years now. It never made sense to me that he never killed, so I’m glad writers threw that rule out the door. Henry Cavill reprises the role of Superman/Clark Kent and Amy Adams as Lois Lane. Both are really good in their roles and I really like that two. I actually can’t speak much for their chemistry in this movie, because they barely have any talking scenes. THe only significant scene I remember that had dialogue between the two happened in the beginning. They both played their roles well enough on their own however. Gal Gadot steps into the shoes of Wonder Woman and she was actually really good in the role. I know people are gonna ask me why I would have preferred that she have less scenes then, and the answer is simple: the movie is called Batman V Superman. One thing I will definitely comment on is the role of Jesse Eissenberg. I respect DC for trying and I respect Jesse Eissenberg for trying, but that dude just wasn’t right for the role. He made the character of Lex Luthor a scared, insecure kid who liked the idea of power. There were moments where he seemed to be losing his mind and on the verge of breaking into yelling and screaming and I can see that he tried really hard at it. But I just didn’t buy into it and I didn’t like it. Sorry DC. For the most part, the actors in this movie were solid, it was just that mess of a story that really turned me off.

The Verdict…….2 out of 5

  • Convoluted story
  • not a powerful finale
  • lack of focus
  • good actors and characters though
  • except for Jesse Eissenberg and Lex Luthor

Thank you guys! 

Wow! I can’t believe you read that whole thing. I was actually pretty nervous about writing this review. I haven’t seen any reviews on this movie, so my opinion was unaffected by other people’s’ viewpoints. It’s still my opinion though and that has to be worth something. I guess I’m going to go check out what other people have to say about this movie. If you liked this review, please like and share and check out my other reviews! Have a great Easter guys.

Peace out Hombres.