Let’s get some coffee!

“Good morning!”

is what I would say if we decided to go get some coffee. After I say good morning however, I’ll probably get really quiet because, I’m nervous around people I don’t know very well. You’ll probably start the conversation with some small talk, asking me how my day was and how college is going for me. After you talk for awhile I might finally get up the courage to speak up as well.

I would answer your questions first. College is going well for me. I feel as if I’m doing a good job at it and I hope to remain successful in the coming years. My life is pretty great too. I’ve been trying to stop taking things for granted and appreciate the little things. My days are usually super busy but I love doing what I do, whether that be working on journalism, giving guitar lessons, and playing in my band. It just means that I’m being as fulfilling as possible which is awesome. I don’t mind stopping and taking a break every once in awhile, like this morning to write this post. Then I’d launch into a little more specific things in my life.

I would probably tell you all of the more exciting things first. Like how my band has finally finished our first EP and are hoping to release it to the world soon. I’m nervous about doing so, but I’m actually really proud of what our band has accomplished. It’s definitely not the best product out there, but we did the best we could and I’m proud of that. I’m also nervous about releasing it because once we release it, it will become real and everyone will be able to listen to it. I’ve been apart of the band for almost five years so I’ve grown really close to those guys. I’m always really happy and excited for band practice to roll around. In a way, the garage that we practice in, has become a second home, a refuge. It is a place where my creativity flows through my fingers and out my throat. Once we release this EP, it’s almost as if we’re inviting other people into this sacred home where we write these songs. You’ll probably think I’m being dramatic but these are real thoughts going through my head. I’m so scared of failing with my music that I’m tempted to never even try. I have been fighting this urge however and will release it because this is one thing that I won’t regret later down the road. Who knows though right? Maybe you’re having coffee with a rockstar. [enter wink here]

I would also tell you about getting to go to Six Flags tomorrow with the youth group from my church. I haven’t been to Six Flags in forever, so I’m excited to go! Last time I went, I didn’t really ride all the rides (for instance, I’m terrified of the Rattler) but I’m hoping to conquer that fear tomorrow! It might not work out and I might be chicken, but it should be fun.

I would also tell you about how great the whole journalism thing is going. I have been taking journalism classes this semester and they are awesome! My teachers are amazing and the students are all really nice. I’ve been playing a big part in designing the college newspaper which has been really awesome. I really enjoy journalism and I’m glad that I found something I love doing. I’m still not sure about what I want to do for a career but I feel as if I am one step closer to finding it and that’s awesome. I really hope that I end up doing something that I love though.

Alright, I’d have to get up and get some more coffee at this point because I drink it way too fast and I can never get enough!

When I get back I start to tell you about this girl I know. It’s not just any girl. This girl is amazing. She’s hilarious, beautiful, smart, caring. It’s pretty unbelievable how amazing she is. I really like her which is a problem. It’s a problem because she’s unavailable and that kind of hurts. Don’t worry I’m not making any moves because that would be disrespectful. No, I’m keeping my respectful distance and hoping her the best in her future. It just kind of hurts because she’s just so brilliant. I know that there are other fish in the sea and that I should move on because it’s hopeless. That’s easier said than done though my friend.

That’s really all I have to talk about over coffee this weekend. This was my first post in this hashtag! I actually really enjoyed doing that. I hope you guys enjoyed it yourself. Now for the first time in forever, I’m going to sit down and get some reading done. Oh how I’ve missed my book!


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Colby Farr

I just really like writing things and talking about movies music and books, so I thought: Why not put that together?

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