A Note to the Haters on Star War Rogue One

No one cares…

Or at least most people don’t. There I said it. Listen nobody cares whether or not you liked the trailer to the movie. And while I suspect that most comments on Youtube are just pure trolling and hate trash, it’s annoying. It’s annoying because it’s hard to find anything positive on the internet nowadays but it’s even worse when h the comments are made by wannabe critics who judge a movie before it’s even out in the theaters. They released one trailer, one trailer, and already I can’t believe some of the comments. I think I’m just going to avoid the comment sections from now on, but right now…… I’m going to rant.

On the Female protagonist….

You guys can’t just say that their forcing another female protagonist. Get over it and realize that it’s not YOU who is making the movie. If they want a female protagonist then they can have one. A female or male protagonist is not going to break the movie. We have to wait until the movie comes out to see if that character is likable, if that character is played very well by the actress. Even then, a movie can be very enjoyable even if the lead character isn’t great. You can’t write a movie off just because it has another female lead. I also saw some person post on Tumblr about how she rolled her eyes when women were crying over the trailer because of the female lead. Then this person, in the same post, talked about how she won’t be impressed with the new Star Wars movies until she sees a black woman take the lead. Seriously? Now, before you guys go nuts, I’m not saying that it’s a crazy idea to have a black woman in a lead part for Star Wars. I wouldn’t even mind seeing it in the future. But to be unimpressed with a movie just because it doesn’t feature a black lead? Oh and she calls herself a huge Star Wars fan……. The problem here is, that people are writing movies off just because it doesn’t feature something that they want in the movie. I’m sure these people consider themselves to be expert movie critics too. Listen guys… It’s not YOUR movie. Not every little thing in this movie is going to be what you wanted, but that’s where the movie critic comes in.

On the Star Wars universe as a whole…..

I also was graced with a lot of comments about how Disney was going to ruin the Star Wars universe. How Disney was going to put out way too many movies, and they wanted quality over quantity, which is once again premature judging. People who make these types of comments are assuming and insinuating that most of these movies are going to be terrible, but I want to know where they’re getting their information from. Were they in the same room as the script was written? Have they had a chance to go on set? For some reason, I highly doubt it. After the prequels, any Star Wars fan should have been dying for more movies, but they never came. Until Star Wars The Force Awakens of course. Despite the fact that it had similar plot elements to past Star Wars movies, it was a pretty good movie. Admit it….. you enjoyed it. Now Disney is going to be putting out more?! Are you kidding me?! This should be every Star Wars fan’s dream! Rogue One is going to be the first movie spin-off and you know what? Bring it on because I’m excited for it. Yes, I understand that some people might be worried or cautious about more Star Wars movies, but I actually don’t see why people are feeling that way. Disney doesn’t have many bad movies on it’s rap sheet. Look at Marvel! Disney didn’t ruin that, did they? Was every movie perfect? No, but they were and still are pretty enjoyable. Is every movie in the Star Wars universe going to be perfect? Heck no, but I’m willing to bet that they’re going to be pretty terrific in the long run. Besides, what’s the worst that could happen? You go see one of the movies at the theaters and you didn’t like it. You’re down a few bucks but you’ll live.

End rant

I know that critiquing movies always includes opinions. Most reviewers on the internet today are very opinionated actually. But I’m just sick and tired of people writing a movie off on one teaser trailer and for some of the dumbest reasons ever. You can’t tell a movie by one trailer, let alone a teaser. Please stop judging a movie by it’s teaser and just wait before you voice your full opinion. Thank you guys for bearing with me through this and thank you for reading. If you haven’t seen the teaser for Rogue One, you can check it out below!


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