Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Review

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone! I hope the Easter Bunny has brought you a lot of candy and some good vibes, because that means I can crush those good vibes with a negative review. As always, thank you for reading and if you’re still reading…… well you must not have gotten any good vibes. Man, it’s been a year for my blog already. Time goes so fast. I know that I might be getting this review out later than other reviewers, but I got this review out before the end of opening weekend and I think that deserves a win. Now onto the review! There were few things to like, but they were outnumbered by the bad things.

The Story

There were a few things I can say about the story. One of those things is, this is pretty much a Batman movie with Superman and Wonder Woman. I actually didn’t mind that since Ben Affleck really does a solid job, playing as Bruce Wayne. Another thing about the story: for a movie that is titled Batman V Superman, there isn’t a whole lot of Batman fighting Superman. There is one scene in the movie where Batman and Superman finally go at it, fist to fist. But by the time we got there, I just wasn’t that into the movie anymore, I wasn’t excited. By the time we got to the main event, I was tired of the convoluted story, the various story arcs. This movie felt more like a Justice League movie, if I must be honest. With Wonder Woman in the movie and various scenes with more of the Justice League heroes, it felt like this movie was trying really hard to kickstart the whole DC movie universe into motion. It felt like they were trying to shove a bunch of stuff in on this movie so that they could hurry up and get to Justice League. I mean, am I the only one that thought Wonder Woman got too much screen time? I know she didn’t get a ton of it, but I felt like if you cut a lot of her scenes out, this movie would’ve been a lot shorter. Oh and did I mention that Batman fighting Superman wasn’t even the last battle scene? No….. Right after that we have Doomsday, which most of us had already guessed was going to be shoved in at the end. After watching the movie, I felt like the first hour and a half of this movie had no focus, no drive, which should not have felt this way. There wasn’t enough conflict between Batman and Superman. I could say a few more things, but I will not for the sake of spoilers. In the end, I thought this story was very convoluted, making this plot, which had a lot of potential, fall flat on the ground.

The Characters

Ben Affleck plays an excellent Batman, which most had actually anticipated. I like the way Batman is in this movie actually. For those of you who don’t know, he definitely kills people in this movie. It’s not even a matter of question. He really does kill some folks. Now for those who might be upset about that, they should realize one thing: Batman has been written as a non trusting psychopath for years now. It never made sense to me that he never killed, so I’m glad writers threw that rule out the door. Henry Cavill reprises the role of Superman/Clark Kent and Amy Adams as Lois Lane. Both are really good in their roles and I really like that two. I actually can’t speak much for their chemistry in this movie, because they barely have any talking scenes. THe only significant scene I remember that had dialogue between the two happened in the beginning. They both played their roles well enough on their own however. Gal Gadot steps into the shoes of Wonder Woman and she was actually really good in the role. I know people are gonna ask me why I would have preferred that she have less scenes then, and the answer is simple: the movie is called Batman V Superman. One thing I will definitely comment on is the role of Jesse Eissenberg. I respect DC for trying and I respect Jesse Eissenberg for trying, but that dude just wasn’t right for the role. He made the character of Lex Luthor a scared, insecure kid who liked the idea of power. There were moments where he seemed to be losing his mind and on the verge of breaking into yelling and screaming and I can see that he tried really hard at it. But I just didn’t buy into it and I didn’t like it. Sorry DC. For the most part, the actors in this movie were solid, it was just that mess of a story that really turned me off.

The Verdict…….2 out of 5

  • Convoluted story
  • not a powerful finale
  • lack of focus
  • good actors and characters though
  • except for Jesse Eissenberg and Lex Luthor

Thank you guys! 

Wow! I can’t believe you read that whole thing. I was actually pretty nervous about writing this review. I haven’t seen any reviews on this movie, so my opinion was unaffected by other people’s’ viewpoints. It’s still my opinion though and that has to be worth something. I guess I’m going to go check out what other people have to say about this movie. If you liked this review, please like and share and check out my other reviews! Have a great Easter guys.

Peace out Hombres.


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