A message from Just Alice

Hey guys!

I just felt like saying a few words about our band, Just Alice, this morning. I just wanted to kind of explain where we were at with the EP and why it is taking so long to release it. First of all, I want everyone to know that every song on this EP is ORIGINAL. I mean, I won’t deny that we like playing covers but we wouldn’t sell our covers. So to all you kids making fun of us because you think that we’re making an EP of covers: you couldn’t be more wrong. By the way, we know of only one name who has been making fun of us and you sir….. you’re getting a free copy of the EP because I want you more than anyone to hear it. We have all the songs written and everything. We have found a contact who can record us sometime in the near future hopefully. These past few weeks we’ve been hard at work, trying to perfect the songs, making sure everything is perfect before we start the recording. We have put a pause on writing songs for now, because our main focus right now is to perfect our current songs and record them. If I were to give a release window for it, I would want to say somewhere in April more than likely. Being in this band is honestly just an awesome experience. I get to play and write music with my two closest friends in the world. Not every practice is a great one, but we make the best of every single one. Sometimes we just sit and talk for hours about music. It’s awesome. I know that we might seem lame to you. I know some of you will tell us that you read this and you’re very excited for the EP, but you’re not. Frankly, we don’t care. If you like us, that’s great, if you don’t that’s great too. Just don’t flip flop back and forth. Lastly, I just want you guys to know that we are very very VERY appreciative of all of the feedback and support. We hope that this EP will live up to expectations for you guys! Have a great Friday and a great weekend! Stay safe guys!


Colby Farr, lead singer/lead guitar of Just Alice



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Colby Farr

I just really like writing things and talking about movies music and books, so I thought: Why not put that together?

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