Misery Book Review

It’s been awhile since I’ve reviewed a book….

What’s up guys! I hope you are all in good health and are having glorious days. It is currently, 8 o’clock on a monday morning and I finally decided that it’s time to review a book! I know, it’s been awhile right? Well another one of my new year’s resolutions is to read more and more in my daily life, so hopefully I’ll be cranking more book reviews out. And yes, I am still reading the Game of Thrones series, but I’m going to have to start A Storm of Swords over. I had started reading it right before college, but once college started, that book fell to the bottom of my priority list. Sorry about that. I do, however, have this little nifty review about a book by Stephen King, called Misery. So if you haven’t read this book yet, and are looking for a new horrific, suspenseful read, keep on reading my friend.

The Story

I’m sure everyone has heard of the one and only Stephen King, considered to be one of the greatest novelists that ever was. His book, Misery, which was published June 8, 1987 is about a writer named Paul Sheldon. Paul Sheldon was in a serious car accident due to a huge blizzard that hit him as he was driving through Colorado. Lucky for him though, his biggest fan, Annie Wilkes, was driving by on the same road. She saw the car and then she saw him. Annie took Paul back to her home where she cared for him for the many months to come. The unlucky part for Paul, is that Annie is undeniably and terrifyingly crazy. After Annie finds out that Paul had killed her favorite character in his new book, she tortures him and forces him to bring that character back to life, making this story an interesting psychological battle. That is a basic summary of the story and frankly it is an awesome one. This story is filled with suspense and will keep you turning the pages, even at two in the morning. Every time you turn the page, you’ll wonder if on the next page, Annie will do something terrifying again. Props to Stephen King for making me scared, not for my life, but for Paul’s life. We’ll get to that later however. But yes it is in fact a great story that was well written. I have one complaint, however, and that is in response to the excerpts of Misery’s Return that were put in. Misery’s Return is the novel that Paul Sheldon was being forced to write, thanks to Annie. Frankly, every time an excerpt from the book came up on the page, I was always tempted to skip it. I didn’t care much for it. It’s like we were being dropped into a new world with new characters we don’t even know about in the middle of a book. We hear a little about the Misery novels that Paul wrote in his lifetime but it’s not like we know the story of Misery ourselves. Any time an excerpt showed up, I just wanted Paul and Annie back. And the excerpts would jump a wide frame of time too, which was annoying. What was the point of sharing the book, if you won’t even show the whole thing? That’s probably my only real complaint however. Overall, this is a very entertaining story that uses realism, and suspense to keep you hooked.

The Characters

For the most part, there is really only two characters in this whole story, Paul and Annie. Every once in awhile, someone new will show up but they don’t play a huge role, leaving room for Annie and Paul to grow. King has always had a talent for crafting great characters, a talent that most writers long for. This book is no exception. Paul Sheldon, a selfish, full-of-himself writer is stuck in a jam. Annie is a psychotic ex-nurse that  is obsessed with Paul Sheldon. Annie is constantly punishing Paul for being a bad boy. She considers to be his mother and says she is only doing what is right for him. Before you know it, you’re honestly just as scared of Annie as Paul is, which is awesome. Like I said earlier, props to him. There were also moments when I was reading, and I wasn’t scared of Annie, but instead, I felt bad for her. She earned my sympathy quite a few times, then would go back to being crazy. Then there is Paul, the self-centered writer who is rendered completely useless in the situation from the immobilization of his legs. His thinking during the situation is actually really interesting. He is either trying to think of a way out, or thinking about Annie and analyzing her craziness, or just falling into despair. You get to know both of the characters really well in just 320 pages. Overall, anyone that likes good characters that will jump off the page at them, would really enjoy this book.

The Verdict…………. 4.0 out of 5

  • great, suspenseful story
  • excerpts from Misery’s Return were boring to me
  • awesome characters

Thank you!

Hey guys! Thank you for giving this a read! WHy don’t you just give yourself a pat on the back? Yeah, right there. Thank you again! Yes I am hoping to get more book reviews up on this site, just give me some time (I’m a slow reader). Do any of you have any book suggestions for me? I’m looking for any good ones. Let me know in the comments! Have yourself a great week! Please check out my other reviews please!

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Cover picture is thanks too: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Misery_(novel)


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