Danger Days: The True Lives of The Fabulous Killjoys (Album Review)

The Future is bulletproof!

Hello again my readers! I hope all is we with you! So far, I have reviewed two of My Chemical Romance’s albums and now I am moving onto their fourth studio album. Danger Days (I’m just going to abbreviate the name to that) is actually my second favorite MCR album. I just really enjoyed this album for some reason. I guess I just really enjoyed how fun it was. Seriously, you could play any song from this album and I’ll lose my mind to it. Danger Days is really My Chemical Romance at the top of their game (creatively speaking). Danger Days is another concept album, the fourth studio album, released by My Chemical Romance through Reprise Records and Warner Bro. Records. The album was released on November 22, 2010, four years after the release of The Black Parade. This album is ultimately a big departure from everything that My Chemical Romance has ever done, with a new electronic, futuristic, arena sound and a story about a group of rebels called Killjoys. This album is epic, fun, and all around just a great time.

The Lyrics

In every album that My Chemical Romance has written, there is always a certain message, or theme, that present inside the lyrics. We should all know by now that Gerard Way is a very talented lyricist and with this album, he really brings it to the table. Since it is a concept album, you will catch little snippets of the story of the Fabulous Killjoys, however this album does not tell the whole story. Those of you who want to really experience the story should pick up a copy of The True Lives of The Fabulous Killjoys, a graphic novel written

Each member o MCR portrays different character in the story. Photo courtesy of Pinterest which can be found here.

by Gerard Way as a companion to the novel. You can find it on Amazon here. Anyways the album itself is filled with some wonderful lyrics. They are well written and catchy. Before you know it, you’ll be singing along to every song on here. The lyrics take a very different tone as well. They aren’t very dark or depressing. They aren’t about death or drugs. In fact, much of the lyrics in this album are uplifting and optimistic. Lyrics from songs like “SING” and “The Kids From Yesterday” feature some beautiful lyrics about not fitting in but being proud of that nonetheless. I think Gerard has really pushed himself to his creative limits for this album, in order to deliver us a great performance, vocally and lyrically.

The sound

Danger Days probably has the most unique sound of all the My Chemical Romance albums. My Chemical Romance carries the larger-than-life feel from The Black Parade to Danger Days, but Danger Days has a more electronic sound it it. If you were to listen to a song like S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W, the song starts with electronic chords. That’s not

MCR jamming out on stage. Photo courtesy of Ida A. on Flickr, found here.

to say that it’s a bad thing. I actually really like the direction that My Chemical Romance took with the album. It felt very fresh in terms of My Chemical Romance. And yes, this album is definitely the most poppy out of all of their albums, so if you don’t like poppy then don’t give this one a listen. If you can fight through that, however, I think you would be very satisfied with this album. The album has more aggressive songs however. I mean how about that opening track, Na Na Na?! RIGHT?! Destroya is also a very very aggressive song. So yes, there are songs that you can headbang to. I know there are people who don’t like this album as much as the older ones. People wanted another Three Cheers or another Black Parade but they got this instead. People can complain about this album all they want, but I love it. I listen to it at least once a day. I’m listening to it right now! I think My Chemical Romance tried very hard to achieve a new sound for their fourth album, and they succeeded. These guys are legends in my book. Even after all the major successes that they had with their music, they were still experimental and trying to be different. Then they just walked away after the fourth album……. If that’s not the most punk thing you’ve ever heard then I don’t know what is.

The Verdict…………… 5.0 out of 5.0 

  • Fresh sound for a new era
  • great lyrics that weren’t totally dark or depressing
  • My Stamp of Approval
  • Larger-than-life sound to it

Fun Fact

Did you guys know why My Chemical Romance wrote the song, Vampire Money? Well if you didn’t, they wrote it because they were offered a chance to write a song and record it for the last Twilight movie. They rejected the offer and wrote that song, because they were over their vampire phase. Did you know who did write a song for the movie? Green Day was offered after My Chemical Romance, which they accepted and wrote The Forgotten.

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Photo courtesy of Wikipedia which can be found here.


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