That’s The Spirit Review

But if we sing along…….

Hey there. So if you haven’t heard BMTH’s new album yet, then you should keep reading. I know that I’m a few weeks late on this album and I apologize for that. Better late than never though right? That’s the Spirit was released on September 11, 2015 (awkward) and is ultimately a departure from the older work that BMTH has done. In the past year, BMTH has released three singles that prepared us for what the album would sound like. A Lot of people liked it, and a lot of people hated it. Don’t worry, I’m one of the people who liked it, but it’s not my favorite BMTH album.

The Sound

So the sound is ultimately different and every person should expect that. There are no more heavy breakdowns, no more brutal death metal screams. BMTH’s music has officially become as melodic as they could, and it’s not a bad thing. The heaviest song that you’ll find on this album is “Happy” and even that song isn’t the heaviest. Am I a little disappointed with the new sound? Let me just say this: I really dug Sempiternal because of the sound. I thought the way Sempiternal sounded was the perfect blend of heaviness and melody. I wish the music in this album was a little bit more on the heavy side than it is. Whether you like the new sound or not, is up to you. Oh and by the way, the songs are catchy, whether you are a fan of the heavy stuff or not. Like I said these songs are more melodic than BMTH has ever done before and their melodies do impress me. BMTH still has a dark sound that is just beautiful. The whole album has a dark undertone that will seem like home to all BMTH fans. The keyboard/synth player, Jordan Fish plays a bigger part in the music than before and he has created some really cool sounds to accompany the album. Bottom line is, I wish this album was heavier, but it doesn’t sound bad the way it is. It’s depending on how you like it.

The Lyrics and Vocals

In my opinion, the lyrics are the icing to the cake that is BMTH. Of course there is no change there in this album (thank goodness). The album is a “celebration of depression. . .” as said by Oliver Sykes in an interview with Alternative Press, found here. That becomes very plain to see from the very first song that is played, titled “Doom.” The song has some great lyrics that portray a depressed person’s acceptance of his fate and his depression (or at least that’s what I get from the lyrics). This song ultimately sets the tone for the rest of the album. I think my favorite song so far is “Follow You” which is the first actual love song that BMTH has ever written (I think. Don’t hate me if I’m wrong.) It’s a love song with a dark undertone though with some creative lyrics such as, “I will follow you cause I’m under your spell and you can throw me to the flames I will follow you, I will follow you.” I think this really shows how far Oliver Sykes has come since when BMTH was first started. The rest of the album features some more amazing deep lyrics that bring reality to depression. It’s actually quite amazing how well Oli portrays it. Oh and Oli has an absolutely beautiful voice when it comes to clean singing. I know we kind of already knew it due to the singles that came out before the album but man! He has a GORGEOUS VOICE!

The Verdict………… 4.0 out of 5

  • Beautiful, dark melodies
  • I Personally wish it was a little heavier
  • Awesome lyrics and vocals (as usual)

Thank you 

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