We Are Your Friends Movie Review

A comedy? A drama? Or……..

We are your friends is a movie about a group of friends that are living on the boring side of L.A. (behind the Hollywood sign). Anyways, the group of friends never went to college because they had some big plans for their future. Well this movie is all about them coming to realize that their dreams will never come true (kind of I guess). I’m not quite sure how to categorize this movie in terms of genre. It was (kind of) a different movie. One thing is clear though: This movie is for college kids and anyone in that age range. It was made for this generation. There is a bunch of flashing colors, a bunch of drugs, and the entire movie is fronted with a dubstep background. Oh and I almost forgot, every actor in this movie dresses and acts like the “hipster” we have all come to know and love today. Let’s get started shall we?

The Story

So the story centers on Cole Carter (played by Zac Effron) who is an aspiring DJ. He hangs out with a group of friends that are just trying to get by. They do what they can, from promoting clubs, to selling drugs at festivals. Then one night at a club, Cole meets the eccentric, alcoholic James (I don’t remember his last name). James is a well-known and well payed DJ. He’s been doing it for years, but now he seems to losing the talent he had when he was young. James eventually takes Cole Carter under his wing however, after he learns that Cole has potential. So James and Cole work together throughout the movie on music. That’s pretty much all you need to know, going into the movie because that’s what it’s about. An aspiring DJ getting help from a mentor. Of course there are a few twists and turns, here and there, but honestly? Absolutely predictable. Trust me folks, you’ve seen it all before here. Half of the story isn’t even that interesting! The best parts of this movie, were the parts where Cole was actually making music. It was really cool to see him in the zone when he started making the music. The rest of the story seems to be just there to be a filler. I wish there was more scenes of Cole making music and doing what he loved. But then they had to throw in this stupid love story, among other stupid scenes. I really don’t get why this movie was titled We Are Your Friends. I don’t think he had any friends the entire movie. The friends he has at the beginning are complete jerks (well one of them is) and his mentor, is an alcoholic that ends up hating him. The rest of this movie is just filled with scenes of parties (that’s where the flashing colors and drugs come in). I will admit, it was kind of entertaining for like the first two parties, but then I didn’t care for them much. I would have much rather have watched an actual story. I just think the story was a little predictable, and lacking in certain areas.

The Cast and Characters

Zac Effron was hands down the best in this movie. I think he did a great job of playing Cole, especially when he was actually being a DJ. He made the movie a lot of fun to watch, and sometimes you couldn’t help but feel elated when he dropped a beat, and grinned. That guy is talented. I just wish there was more backstory on him, as well as the rest of the characters. I think the character that got the most backstory was the supporting character, Sophie (she falls in love with Cole), and the only thing we really learned about her was that she went to Stanford! The friends that Cole have, Mason, Ollie, and Squirrel tend to be annoying. Not only that, but they kind of feel like they’re just there. There is only one thing that happens that actually made me feel for them, but for Cole more than anyone else. I think the biggest problem with the characters, was there wasn’t that much of a story to them. The movie was just in the moment of the movie. It didn’t care for what happened before. I just wish that the writers took some time to dive into the characters and create some stories for them. Anything had to be better than nothing! The characters they seem to tease you with backstory is Cole and James. Cole doesn’t have parents anymore (for some reason) but you never find out why! Something happened to James, that made him irreparable (for some reason) but you never find out why! IT’s like that throughout the entire movie. Besides that the characters are okay characters played by mediocre actors. Nobody really shines in this movie (save for Zac Effron). I just wish there was a little more. The best performers in the movie were Zac Effron, Wes Bentley (he plays James) and Emily Ratajkowski (she played as Sopihe). The rest were just annoying and crappy.

The Soundtrack and cinematography

Like I said at the beginning, this movie is meant the the younger generation of today. The movie is filled with electronic music. Some of the music I really liked and some of it I really didn’t like. Basically if you like electronic music, you’ll like the music in this movie. I think the best songs I heard were the ones that Cole made. They just sounded awesome honestly. The cinematography was terrible. The camera shots were basic and boring, and honestly just made the movie a little confusing. There would be some dialogue going on, and then suddenly it would cut through a ton of scenes of a party. The camera work didn’t flow well, is what I’m trying to say. It’s not a very even paced movie.

The Verdict…………. 2.5 out of 5

  • boring, and annoying characters
  • weird cinematography
  • predictable story
  • no backstory
  • overuse of party scenes

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