White Noise Album Review

Why Aren’t you listening to them yet!?!?!

PVRIS is actually a new band (I consider them to be new). They just released their full length debut, titled White Noise, on October 31, 2014. Yes I know that was awhile ago, but I bet you haven’t listened to them either. I had heard about them through the year, all good things. But I had never actually heard them. Finally, I saw their album and decided to download it, excited to hear them. I can honestly say I understand the hype that surrounds this band. PVRIS consists of members Lyndsey Gunnulfsen, Alex Babinski, and Brian MacDonald. They had made a couple of EPs and demos before signing to Rise Records in June 2014. They were actually originally called “Paris” but due to legal reasons they had to change the name to PVRIS (but it’s still pronounced Paris….. I didn’t know that). Anyways, after signing to Rise, they created this totally awesome album. This is a great album, by any rock standards.

The Lyrics and Vocals

Lyndsey Gunnulfsen fronts this band, with engaging, aggressive vocals. She doesn’t scream in this album, but you can just hear the energy in her voice. Not only does she have an aggressive voice, she has an absolutely beautiful one too. There were many moments in this album, where I just fell in love with her voice. In my opinion, I think her vocals are the best part of the album. The lyrics pretty great too. They aren’t the best lyrics or anything. They aren’t mind blowing, but you can tell that Lindsey can write lyrics. They paint some awesome images in your head though, and you have no trouble understanding them. The dark lyrics and gorgeous vocals pull you right in and hold you there for the entire span of the album.

The Sound

PVRIS is a rock band that integrates electronic music with their standard rock music and I gotta say, they blend it pretty well together. The band creates a dark atmosphere in the album, that sounds really cool and unique. Not only is the music dark, but it is quite catchy. I caught myself humming some tunes to the album. There are some awesome guitar riffs in the album too, that would impress a lot of you guitar players out there. The album gives the instruments a very distinct sound in it, making it sound unique. I think this is what makes PVRIS a very distinct band. I think it’s also why a lot of hype surrounds them. They are one of the most unique bands I have ever heard. I’m very excited to see what this band will create in the future, because they sound solid on this album!

The verdict………. 4.0 out of 5

  • gorgeous, aggressive vocals
  • great, vivid lyrics
  • awesome and catchy sound

Thank you!

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