Inside Out Review


I almost did not see this movie actually. When I first saw the trailers, there was nothing that convinced me to see it, besides the fact that it was Pixar. Eventually I gave in and decided to see it. I do not regret it. I’d even go as far as saying this movie is now one of my favorite Pixar movies of a time. This movie was an absolutely brilliant piece of work that is worthy of capturing all audience’s attention. If you have a family, this movie is perfect for you! If you don’t, this movie is still perfect for you! Let me just lay it out for you, and you can just decide for yourself.

The story

The story starts with the birth of Riley (played by Kaitlyn Dias). Riley is thee main character kind of. Shortly after Riley is born, Joy (played by Amy Poehler) is created in Riley’s head. Joy can make Riley feel joy by pressing a button in the control room (Riley’s mind). Pretty soon after Joy is created, she is joined by others, such as: Sadness, Fear, Anger, and Disgust. Together, they become responsible for what Riley is feeling. For example, if Riley is scared, it’s because Fear pressed the button in the control room. If Riley is sad, it’s because Sadness pressed the button, and so on. I think it goes without saying that this is a really original concept. Pixar executes it perfectly too. It’s not only a light hearted comedy about your emotions going berserk, but it also has several touching moments that will make you tear up (they made me). Throughout Riley’s life, she is controlled by the emotions in her head, which in turn creates memories which are stored in her mind. The memory could be a joyful one, a fearful one, a sad one, an angry one, or a disgusting one. There are also core memories, which are the very important memories. They are the kind of memories that add to Riley’s personality, and make her who she is. Long story short, the core memories, along with Joy and Sadness, are sucked out of the control room and end up in some other part of Riley’s mind. With the core memories gone, Riley starts to fall apart, and with only Anger, Disgust, and Fear there to control her emotions, things get pretty out of hand. Joy and Sadness have to find a way to fix them and get back to the control room, before it’s too late and Riley does something irrational. Like I said, it’s a pretty original concept filled with laugh out loud moments and touching moments.

The Characters

Pixar had the perfect cast for every one of these characters. Everyone does an excellent job of portraying and voicing their characters. I absolutely loved Lewis Black as Anger (I think Anger was my favorite character) along with Bill Hader as Fear. These two characters stuck out to me the most because those actors did such an awesome job at voicing them. The rest of the cast did just as well, following an awesome script written by awesome people. I think that every character made me laugh at one point in the movie, and I liked that. It was a very colorful cast of characters (literally) that will keep you smiling till the end.

The Verdict……….5.0 out of 5.0

I really enjoyed this movie. I think it’s the best Pixar movie they’ve made in awhile, and I hope they continue to think like this in the future. This is a great movie for anyone and I’d recommend it to anyone who has a love for Pixar. So who was your favorite character in this movie? How did I do on this review? Leave a comment below! Share this with your friends if you liked it! Subscribe if you want to see more in the future! And last but not least, thank you for reading this! It means so much! you are awesome! Check out my other reviews as well!

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