A Clash of Kings Book Review

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Long time no see! I know it’s been awhile since I last posted and I apologize for that. I don’t really have an excuse for it. Every time I had time to write, I didn’t want to write anything, and when I didn’t have time to write, I wanted too. Anyways I’m back with a review for A Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin. This is the second book in Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series. I know I’m probably really late on this review. All the friends I know have read it already, but still. I want to write about this so I’m going to write about it! Let’s see if I can still do this.

The Story

This book picks up right where Game of Thrones left off. If you read the first book, you know exactly what is happening from the start. The kingdom of Westeros is in turmoil, with four kings claiming the iron throne……… which leads to a huge war……… which leads to a lot of deaths. The king that currently sits the iron throne is King Joffrey Baratheon (pretty much the Lannisters). Stannis Baratheon, Robert’s older brother, has also lain claim to the throne, making himself another king. Not only has Stannis lain claim, but Renly Baratheon as well (Robert’s younger brother). The wonderful cherry on top is Robb Stark of Winterfell, the new King of the North. I have to admit, right off from the start, I was very intrigued with where this story has led. I haven’t seen this kind of story that often. It’s absolutely awesome to see how these men interact with one another, all for a throne. Stannis and Renly Baratheon have nothing but cold feelings for each other, while Robb Stark just wants to be rid of the Lannisters. The Lannisters in turn, just want to cling to as much power as they can take. You could say this is more action packed than Game of Thrones. I definitely felt the intensity being stepped up while reading this one, compared to Game of Thrones. The kings fighting each other was the most exciting part of the novel, no doubt. Princess Daenerys’s story honestly bored me. She didn’t do much in this novel, which was really disappointing. Nothing really significant happens to her in this book, and she doesn’t do anything very significant either. In this story she just seems to be there. Sometimes, I even wanted to just skip her chapter and get back to Westeros, where things were actually happening! However, I hear that her story gets exciting later in the series, so I’ll have my fingers crossed for that. Now while the king fighting is cool, and Daenerys’s story was boring, Jon Snow’s story just keeps getting better for me. Jon Snow is a man of the Night’s Watch and a steward for the Lord Commander. The last book ended with the Night’s Watch riding out beyond the Wall to find answers they’ve been searching for. This entire book takes place with them beyond the Wall. Not much actually happens to the Night’s Watch in the novel, but it was the atmosphere that was so brilliant. Martin has created a beautiful, but terrifying atmosphere beyond the wall. The Wildlings all disappeared and they were nowhere to be seen. They supposedly were gone to join Mance Rayder, the King Beyond the Wall (also a former man of the Night’s Watch). It wasn’t the wildings that bothered the Night’s Watch so much as the ever-growing sense of the Others. The Others are back after thousands of years and are ready to wreak havoc on the kingdom. The only thing standing in there way, is a force of 300 men, the Night’s Watch. It creates this feeling of helplessness and intensity in a frozen environment. The odds are against the NIght’s Watch and you know it. Overall, this story doesn’t slow down after the first one and continues to drive forward into your head.

The Characters

Ah yes, the characters (or the ones that are still alive at least). ALl of the Stark children are still alive and well. Robb Stark is now King of the North, fighting to avenge his father. You don’t see much of Robb in this novel. He disappears towards the beginning, because he’s off fighting in a war. You occasionally hear about him through letters and other people’s points of view. There isn’t much character development behind him though. Of course there is the Lady Sansa who is being held hostage at King’s Landing, still betrothed to Joffrey. Sansa still does a lot of the same thing since the end of Game of Thrones which is crying. I mean you can’t blame her though. If I was to marry someone like Joffrey, I would have just taken the easy way out, and killed myself (yes that’s how bad he is). In the end, however, you learn a great deal more about the people around her, than herself (which is still totally cool). Of course there is Jon Snow, who was faced with a series of tough moral decisions in this novel. I won’t spoil anything, but let’s just say you do learn a lot about Jon in this book. Bran and Rickon Stark, currently residing at Winterfell, are holding down the fort while everyone else is gone. Bran undergoes some interesting times in this book, which was very cool to read about. Then there is Arya Stark who is currently disguised as a boy, recruited to the Night’s Watch by Yoren. Arya’s luck will continue to get worse as this book goes on. She finds a group of friends, however, and sticks with them. You can tell she cares about them a great deal. My favorite character continues to be Tyrion Lannister though, and he did not disappoint in this story. I feel as though he had the most development. I feel like this novel was written for him and his character. You learn so much about him, why he hates his father, why he doesn’t trust his family. On top of all that he’s still that wise-cracking, sarcastic but clever, dwarf that manages to keep the Lannisters afloat.

The Verdict……………..4.5 out of 5

  • Awesome story that continues to be awesome
  • Awesome set of interesting characters to invest yourself in
  • The huge vastness and expansion of the world in the story is overwhelming and sometimes confusing

So what did you think of A Clash of Kings? What did you think of my review? Leave a comment below! Share this with your friends! Give me some tips for crying out loud! Check out my other reviews on here! Thank you so much for reading this and anything else on my website. It means a lot for someone to take an interest in my work. I really enjoy doing this, and I hope to do it for a long time.

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