Jurassic World Movie Review

After so long…..

I don’t think anybody saw this series coming back with another movie. I never expected another one after Jurassic Park 3 to be honest. I will also admit that not a single one of these trailers convinced me that this movie was going to be good. Let it be said that I walked into the theater already having doubts in my mind. Now that I’ve seen it though, I have got to say, I was quite surprised with it. So here are just a few of my thoughts on it……

The Story

Jurassic World is in fact a sequel that takes place 22 years after the events of Jurassic Park. Somehow the park was cleared to open to the public under the name Jurassic World (How on Earth it happened, I have no idea). So now there are millions of people that go to this park a year and yet it just isn’t enough for the owner. The owner asks the research scientists to create a new dinosaur that is bigger, scarier, cooler (believe it or not that is actually a word they use to describe it). So these research scientists work their magic and before you know it, they create the dinosaur of all dinosaurs (I don’t know how to spell it so we’ll just call it the monster). Well pretty soon, the stupid humans realize that they made a terrible mistake in making the monster. The monster is a clever, man-eating machine that has it’s mind set on killing. The monster eventually breaks out of captivity and is roaming the island, killing dinosaurs and humans alike. That’s when they decide to call in Owen (Chris Pratt) to try and help them catch it again. That’s pretty much the basis for the plot……….. If I’m honest, this movie does not feel like a Jurassic Park movie. It feels more like one of those stereotypical monster movies where the humans are the prey, just trying to survive. I’d also be honest in saying this: that does not mean it’s a bad movie. In fact this was a pretty good movie (hence my surprise). I feel like this movie was trying to go in a new direction, which worked in a lot of ways. I do, however, feel like they failed to capture that same old feeling like in the original Jurassic Park. There was a particular scene though, where the two kids in the trailer find the old tourist place from the first movie, and there is all this stuff there from the first movie! It was really cool to see all that. Overall that story was alright, and actually pretty fun.

The Characters

The characters were alright. I feel like they were not at their best when acting for this movie. I feel as though a lot of this was due to the dialogue for the movie. The dialogue was super cheesy and overall very bland. There were things that I had laughed at that I’m pretty sure, were not meant to be laughed at. The characters and the dialogue were adequate and in no way, take away from the movie. In the end though, you don’t really care about them. You can also probably always tell who is going to die. Nobody really stuck out to me though, not even Chris Pratt.

The Verdict……………3.0 out of 5

  • predictable and stereotypical
  • Not so much of a Jurassic Park movie
  • entertaining in some ways

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