House of Cards (First impressions)

Why sleep?

So I just started watching this show House of Cards (yes I know, it’s been out forever), and after watching a few episodes on Netflix, I decided to write a review, or at least a first impressions post. I have talked to a lot of friends about the show, who all seemed to be on the rail about watching it. Everyone I talked to had said they just weren’t sure about even giving the show a chance. Well I’m writing this post to tell you that THIS SHOW IS WORTH WATCHING! Let me explain….

The audacity……

First off, let me just tell you now, this show is meant to show the pure dark side a politician can have. In this case it is Frank Underwood, played by the talented Kevin Spacey. Frank Underwood is a simple man, driven by the want of power, so obviously politics suits him pretty well. The show itself is actually very daring and in a very cool way. We all know that politics tends to be shady, but we’ve never seen it shown in an entertainment fashion. That is without a doubt, the thing that makes this show stick out the most. And boy is it entertaining……. It”s just very cool to see Frank Underwood work his way through politics. I am very excited to continue watching the show and see the way things play out for Frank and countless others. One of the things that might scare people about the show (it scared me too) was that, since it is based on our current date politics, it would be hard to understand it. In a way that is true. I felt like that for the first two episodes, always trying to keep up with what was going on. This is definitely a show you have to pay attention too. IF you do, by the third episode, you really start to get a sense of where things are going and how it all works. The show does not fail at bringing you into this mad world of politics. Don’t let that scare you away from this show.

The characters

Frank Underwood is the main character in a show full of them. Seriously every episode, a new character is introduced. Sometimes the feeling of it can be overwhelming, if I’m honest. It is especially frustrating when you don’t remember somebody’s name. Like I said though, this is a show you have to pay attention too. All of the characters are played by some really talented actors though, and it really helps in enveloping you. I think that it is really the characters that make this show work, so it is really helpful that they have good actors playing the parts. Another thing I like about the show is watching the characters react and grow from their situations (unless it’s Frank). 

The slow story

I’ll be honest with you about the story. It is slow. Especially for the first few episodes, when you are trying to get into it. I imagine that is where most people stop watching the show, within the first two or three episodes. It is all dialogue ad shady politicians. If you’re not into that kind of thing, then this is definitely not your show. The story starts off with Frank Underwood, the current majority whip of the congress, looking to be promoted to Secretary of State. Long story short, someone breaks a promise, and Frank is stuck at being Majority Whip (for now). Now Frank is trying to find ways to help himself get farther up the ladder. When the show starts, you can tell that Frank is a very ambitious man (very) and he won’t let anything get in the way of that. He bribes people, blackmails, lies to make his way to the top of the food chain. It is a very slow story, but once you are into the show, it actually makes for a very intriguing plot. So yeah, if you don’t like short stories, keep searching.

The Verdict so Far: 3.5 out of 5 

  • slow story
  • good characters, good actors/actresses
  • Confusing at some points

This show won’t be for everyone. I can already think of a number of my friends who wouldn’t care very much for it. But if you appreciate good character development, and a good story (even if it’s a little slow) then you just might like the show. THe show doesn’t really do anything wrong. It just matters on who is watching it.

Thank you!

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