Avengers: Age of Ultron Review

Bigger and Bigger….

So the Marvel Universe is expanding more and more with every movie that they release and Avengers: Age of Ultron is the biggest one yet. This movie is the conclusion to the second phase of the Marvel Universe, so that means that phase 3 is now in play. I have to admit right now, this movie is my favorite Marvel movie so far. It was absolutely brilliant as far as the formula of it. Let’s break it down a little bit here:

The Story

The movie starts out with all of the Avengers attacking a base in some far off country (I didn’t notice what country if they mentioned it) where they find the scepter that was Loki’s in the first Avengers. They take the scepter back to the Avengers tower, where Tony Stark realizes that the blue crystal thingy that powers the scepter, has the power to create an AI (Artificial Intelligence). Tony wanted to create the AI so that the world would be constantly protected, and would no longer need the Avengers. Well Tony gets what he wished for, and a little bit more. Ultron decides that to achieve peace, he must obliterate humanity. So the Avengers are back at it…….. All in all it was a really really cool plotline. I’ve always loved storylines about humans that try to create something that will help them, only for it to backfire on them. The story was really dark too, which I always love, so that was cool too. There were, however some points in the movie where I feel as if I’ve seen it all before in the first movie. There were only a few moments when I felt this however, and besides that I was very enthralled with this movie.

The Characters

Of course we have the whole original cast returned to reprise their roles. It’s still really cool to see them together again, and kicking butt. It still feels as awesome as the first one, when they first got together. On top of that, the characters have grown so much since the first Avengers! It was definitely really awesome to see them interact with each other again, and interacting. We learn more and more about them too, giving us a really good sense of character development. They are still the same light hearted guys who always know when to crack a joke. Captain America and Iron Man still bump heads on a lot of things (CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR). Anyways, I could ramble on about the characters forever, but just know that they are everything you know and love, but with more and more color and character development. One of my favorite things about the movie, was the chemistry between the characters. There was a lot of comedy relief between the cast and they would show off their chemistry by cracking jokes and one liners.

The Future……

I sincerely cannot wait to see the next phase of Marvel’s universe. I’m getting pumped for Civil War, Infinity War, I just think it’s going to be sick! Anyways, this movie is absolutely brilliant. It will appeal to all ages, and it is a great way to spend a Friday evening!

The Verdict: 5.0 out of 5.0

  • Awesome characters played by awesome actors
  • awesome, dark story
  • lots of comedy relief
  • Altogether a really good movie

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