The Future of Spider-man

For those that don’t know yet…..

Spiderman is going to be rebooted yet again. Yes, I know……… Yeah…….. The worst part is that I actually really really liked the last one they did with Andrew Garfield (well the first  

 one anyways)! Andrew Garfield apparently said some not-so-nice things about the second installment in The Amazing Spider-Man. This led to him being fired, which eventually led to the idea for a new reboot all-together.   So what does this mean for Spider-Man? Well quite simply that means a new cast with an almost new story……… Except this new reboot is going to be totally different from the Spider-man we are actually used too. As it turns out, we might be seeing more of Peter Parker than anything else. It is rumored that this new Spider-man reboot will be more about Peter Parker being a high school hero than anything else. This is funny though, because Sony is also working with Marvel, and Spider-man is supposed to become involved in the Marvel Universe, as the actual Spider-man. In fact, Spider-Man is actually set to first appear in Captain America: Civil War, which comes out next year!  

 Now, they could have two different Spider-Mans. One for the Marvel Universe (where he belongs I might add), and one for the reboot that is planned to be released in 2017. I think that is what they might do at first anyways. There was a rumor that Spider-Man would not be a really big character at first in the Marvel Universe. This would be kind of disappointing though. I think that they should at least let Andrew Garfield take over the role of Spider-Man for the Marvel Universe! Think about it! We already know he plays a really good Spider-Man! I still think he’s perfect for the role, and I think that Marvel should give him another chance at playing this iconic role! I really do wonder what will become of Spider-Man! What we can conclude right now though, is that there will be a new Spider-Man and he is on the horizon already. What do you think though? What would you like to see? Leave a comment explaining your thoughts!  


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