Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice (Teaser trailer #1)

Great Weekend…….

So this is honestly shaping up to be one of the greatest weeks ever, in case anyone hasn’t noticed. Not only did we get a new Star Wars teaser, but we also got a Batman v Superman trailer¬†(which was definitely less talked about than Star Wars).¬†While the Star Wars trailer was cool and everything, I think we should also take a moment to appreciate the beauty of this trailer. I absolutely love the tone that this trailer sets for the movie. Humans are doubting Superman and his intentions, which is very realistic in my opinion. I think that is exactly how we would react if someone like Superman appeared. Did anyone else feel like Batman was being painted as the “bad guy”? I know he’s not really a bad guy, but from this teaser it seems as if he agrees with the people questioning Superman. I think that might be why Batman challenges him. I could be completely wrong though. Isn’t this fun though?!?! Leave a comment explaining your thoughts on this teaser!

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