Looking for Alaska Review

From the creator of Fault in Our Stars…..

This book was written by John Green, and was published in 2005. This book was the first book that John Green had published, and it won the Michael L. Printz Award in 2006, from the American Library Association. Let me just say first, that this book does not disappoint. It is just as good as Fault in Our Stars (if not better). You will fall in love with every character in this book, and you will care about what happens to them. Will their be laughing? Of course. Will there be crying? Of course. WIll John Green rip your heart out like he did in Fault in Our Stars? Of course……. Let’s do this.

The Story

So Looking for Alaska has a pretty cool plotline actually. It’s about a kid named Miles Halter, who has a love for last words. He loves learning the last words of all kinds of famous people. Eventually he comes across the famous last words of Francois Rabelais, who said “I go to seek a Great Perhaps.” right before he died. Miles decided he wanted to find his own “Great Perhaps” elsewhere besides his public school in Florida. He decides to go to Culver Creek Boarding school all the way in Arizona to find the “Great Perhaps”. Once he gets there he meets a group of friends and he is immediately brought in as one of their own. One of those friends include the one and only Alaska Young (yes Alaska is a character). Miles is thrown into a world of mischief and shenanigans with this group of friends. Little did Miles know, that his life would never be the same after this year at Culver Creek.

The Characters

Like I said before, the characters in this story are likely to make you love them. You will grow to care for characters in the group of mischief. John Green knows how to write about high school students and he does it well. There are all the typical types of people that go  to high school. John Green writes them all perfectly, just like the story. I’m not going to tell you much else about the characters because half the fun of this book is meeting the characters, especially the eccentric Alaska. I can give you my word though, that these characters are worth investing your time in, and worth learning about.

The Verdict…………5.0 out of 5.0

  • Great story about learning to live
  • Awesome characters to bond with
  • Great writing style (As always)

If you love books you should definitely check this one out (if you haven’t already of course) So how did I do? What did you think of this review? Comment below and let me know! Check out my other reviews! Share this with your friends!

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