Furious 7 Review


This blockbuster movie franchise seems to be turning into one of those series that will continue on no matter what. This is the 7th installment in the Fast and Furious franchise, which means they have made as much installments as the Saw franchise (so forgive me if I’m wrong but shouldn’t that mean that we should start making jokes about how long this movie franchise is now?). The franchise is still making a ton of money so that probably means that there will be more on the way (yes even after what happened to Paul Walker). But for now, let’s just review this one.

The Story

SO if you don’t know the story behind the characters of Fast and Furious it is actually quite simple: just about every person that is in this movie is an adrenaline junkie. They know how to find a thrill and they have a great time doing it too. There was a very consistent story all the way to Fast 5, where in my opinion, the main story was concluded (Seriously Fast 5 had the best ending ever). If you saw the 6th movie then there isn’t a whole lot to catch up to. Turns out Shaw in the 6th movie has a big brother. Well once the big brother hears about the crew that took down his brother he decides to come after them too. That is the basic premise for the story, not much else. The story itself is super predictable and isn’t anything super significant. It’s actually a lot like the 6th one (I’m afraid they will all be a lot more similar after the 5th one). 

The Action

But who cares about the story right? We are all here for the action! And let me just say, the action does not disappoint. As unrealistic as the action sequences have become (there will be a few scenes that will make you question it, trust me) you still can’t help but have fun with it. This movie is made purely for action junkies and it does not disappoint. Even when you might be questioning if this would really happen this way, you can’t help but enjoy watching it. The movie knows it’s being unrealistic, and it uses that to it’s own advantage. There is a lot of cgi in this movie and you notice it but it doesn’t necessarily take away from the fun, just something you notice. All in all though, it is a great mindless action packed flick!

The Characters/Actors (and Dialogue)

We have all the classic characters back! Every actor from the past two Fast and Furious movies has come back to reprise their roles for this movie. The acting is spot on of course, since the same actors have been molding these characters into their own for the past few years. The movie has solid acting throughout. The actual characters are all very well done too. They all continue to contribute in some way to the story. Any time a character in this series dies you really feel the loss of that character. The crew just doesn’t feel the same without them, and I think that is all thanks to the actors and the writing and the chemistry that is had between the actors. You really grow to care about the characters which really helps the movie. The movie is filled with the most cheesy one liners too. It’s actually quite funny, but still just really cheesy.

The Verdict………. 3.8 out of 5

  • awesome action scenes
  • great acting
  • very cheesy dialogue (whether that adds or takes away is your opinion)
  • very unrealistic 
  • super predictable

Happy Easter!!!!!

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