The Weekend Pick

At the Theater: Furious 73098219447_a5218d049a_o

When I first saw this trailer, I must admit I got very excited, which is very big for me, because if you know me well enough, you know that I haven’t liked what they did with the Fast and Furious franchise (still wish they stopped at 5). Needless to say though, this is the big blockbuster that has hit the theaters this weekend. I have heard good things about it from a few people and I am actually going to the movies this weekend to see it myself. I will write my own review just for you guys and have it up soon! If you want to go to the movies, and are in the mood for an action blockbuster with some crazy ridiculously unrealistic stunts? I think Furious 7 is just the movie for you.

A Netflix Movie: How to Train Your Dragon 2

If you haven’t seen this academy-nominated movie yet, then now is your chance (if you saw the first one of course)! Many people might think they’d be too old for a movie like this but it isn’t true. This movie has been enjoyed by people of all ages, since it held morals and lessons for adults and kids alike. Plus, who doesn’t love a good ‘kids’ movie every once in awhile? This movie is perfect no matter how old you are! You should give the movie a chance if you haven’t seen it and even if you have seen it, watch it again (why not?)!

A Netflix3078317546_3ae4f052b5_o Show: Bloodline

So I don’t know if anyone has heard about this show or watched it (I haven’t heard anything from anyone), but when I first saw the trailer to this show my interest was drawn. I just started watching it and I am really enjoying it actually. This is the show I plan to binge this weekend and I recommend that you at least try it! You might be surprised! Basically the show is about a family that all live close together. The parents run a hotel and the children are grown up, married, have jobs. There is one sibling however, who is the “black sheep” of the family, who moved away and cut off almost all contact with his family. He comes back though, and a series of events start to unfold around his homecoming.

A Book: Looking for AlaskaIMG_0120

Ah yes, another John Green book for us to sink our teeth in. The writer of The Fault in Our Stars has written other books that will break your heart and this book is one of them. I have just finished reading this book, and I’m currently reviewing it for your pleasure. I would recommend this book for any book lover that loves a good story. Despite John’s ability to break our hearts, he is a very talented story teller. I may have already read this, but that doesn’t mean you can pick up a copy and spend a little time reading this weekend!

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