Mad Men Review (First Impressions)

It’s Been Awhile……

Let me first apologize for not posting anything for quite awhile. I have been so busy trying to keep up with other things in my life lately. Now that I have time to write some more, I get to go on a trip with my family for spring break (YAY!). I decided to try and post one thing before I leave, so I chose to give my first impressions on a show I just started watching. Mad Men is clever and different and I don’t know why I waited so long to watch this show. Let me just explain……..

The Setting

The setting is absolutely brilliant. I have always loved watching stories set in the 60s. It was a lively time for America, with the economy in full swing it seems like the American dream is possible for anyone. This show has been no exception. Mad Men follows the lives of a group of people that work for a prestigious advertising company on Madison Avenue in New York City, called Sterling Cooper. They are hired by companies to advertise their products to the public, and they are pretty good at it too. The setting is picked out perfectly to show off what people thought was the american dream during these times. It adds a certain quality of beauty to the rest of the show.


Every character adds to the story in a great way. You will be thinking of them as real people in no time, which is all thanks to the brilliant actors that fill the shoes of the characters. You are entranced by the characters and their backstories wanting to know more about them. As soon as you get a small piece of information about them, you want more. They only release a bit of their backstory at a time, which is infuriating, making you want to watch more and more. You grow to care about the characters, in a good way or bad way (You’ll hate Peter Campbell trust me). This show is, without a doubt, a very character driven story, and they succeed in that department.


The story is hard to follow if you’re not paying attention. You have to give this show our undivided attention if you plan on watching it (I’m serious). Don’t worry though, you’re time is not wasted. You follow the life of Don Draper, who is the creative director at Sterling Cooper. He is pretty much the head honcho when it comes to creating advertising ideas. Many people don’t know though, that he has a secret past he would rather keep a secret. He is a shady guy that you grow to have mixed feelings for. Throughout the show you learn more about Don and who he is as he helps Sterling Cooper climb to the top of the food chain. You learn more and more about the story through subtle hints. That’s one of the coolest things about the show: You have to pay attention because all of the good parts are in the subtleness. If I had any complaint about this show, it would be that it is hard to get into, and it can be slow at some points. Other than that though, the dialogue flows great, and you want to keep watching for the stories of the different characters. One of the best things about it is that it shows that the american dream is not all it was built up to be. The characters face struggles even though they have everything they could possibly want: the American Dream.

Verdict: 4.5 out of 5

  • hard to get into and slow at times
  • great dialogue
  • outstanding actors playing outstanding characters
  • superbly written
  • awesome storyline

This truly is a great show that anyone should give a chance. Hopefully you won’t be disappointed!

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