The Weekend Pick

What is the Weekend Pick?

I decided that since the weekend is coming up, and we might be looking for ways to entertain ourselves (especially if you’re a no-life like me), so I created The Weekend Pick which will be released every Friday of the week. The Weekend Pick will be composed of my picks of entertainment for you to tackle this weekend! Sound fun? I hope so! I will pick a tv show and a movie on netflix, that you guys can binge! I will also pick a movie for you guys to go see at the theaters (if you’re feeling it) along with a book you might enjoy reading. These are just things that I would watch or read, so it doesn’t mean you have10715878456_81f302eea7_k to like them! This is simply a blog post explaining what I’m going to do with my weekend.

A Netflix Movie: Hot Rod

You can’t go wrong with Hot Rod. Filled with over-the-top bizarre and juvenile comedy delivered perfectly by Andy Samberg and the rest of the crew. This is an absolutely perfect way to end a Friday night with some friends or even family (mostly clean movie)! The movie is one of the goofiest movies you will ever see, so when you start the movie, keep that in mind, and I’m sure you’ll have a good time!

Movie in Theaters: McFarland, USA

3098219447_a5218d049a_oNot in the mood for Netflix? That’s cool, I understand. Want to go out? Then boy, do I have a movie for you! McFarland, USA is a story about a cross country coach that turns a team of athletes into champions! This is without a doubt the number one choice for a family that wants to go to the movies together (Fifty Shades of Grey is a good choice to though). The movie is an inspirational feel-good movie that is appropriate for all ages. If you’re not into that kind of stuff though, you can always go see Kingsman.

A Netflix Show: Bates Motel

I don’t know about you guys, but when this show came to Netflix, I lost it. I absolutely love this show! I am a fan of stories that involve serial killers (in case you couldn’t tell) and this show immediately got my attention. The dark story is delivered on a gold platter by awesome, well developed characters, played by great actors! The show is an all around great show, and it deserves it’s own review. They just put the second season on in time for the third season (Premiering March 9). So that is how I plan spending my Saturday, binging Bates Motel. Of course, if you’re not into serial killers, you can tear through Friends and see how far you can get there.

A Book: Game of Thrones

This is a great book, in a great series. There is such a complex nature to it, that it makes you want to know more, and the only way you know more, is by reading it. It is a very addictive process, and once you read a few pages, you will be hooked. This is a great book to just curl up into a chair with, on a nice sunday afternoon. I hope you guys don’t mind death and gore.

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