Just Like You (Review)

Too Good for the truth in Cliche

It has been years since Ronnie was in his old band, Escape the Fate, releasing their 2006 hit album, Dying is your latest fashion. It was also the same year that Ronnie was charged for battery and placed on probation, which he would break in 2008, and end up in jail until 2010. Escape the Fate left Ronnie behind and got a new frontman Craig Mabbitt (punk). Once Ronnie was in prison he formed a new band called From Behind These Walls (which would later become Falling in Reverse). Ronnie was released from prison in 2010, and in 2011 Falling in Reverse released their debut album The Drug in Me is You. They then released Fashionably Late in 2013, which started a lot of controversy among fans. For the longest time fans were asking each other if they would ever see the old Ronnie again. Finally Ronnie announced that the next album that Falling in Reverse would produce will be a sequel (of sorts) to the 2006 Escape the Fate hit, Dying is Your Latest Fashion. That’s right, a sequel. Ladies and gentleman, the album does not disappoint……

They’re Baaaack………

After an identity crisis with that whole rapping phase, (just a joke guys, keep moving) Ronnie tackles this new album head on, reminding us of the old Ronnie. The cool thing about the album is that even though the album has it’s throwback feels, it also has a fresh feeling. Falling in Reverse was able to find a perfect balance with this album. It screams a pure classic metalcore sound, but it also retains that signature Falling in Reverse sound. There are of course the super catchy upbeat songs like “Just Like You” and “Sexy Drug”. These are the songs that show that Ronnie still has the ability to get a song stuck in your head. Then the album has the very straightforward, in-your-face metal songs like, “The Bitter End” and “Die for You”. These songs, among others, are probably the closest we will get to another Dying is Your Latest Fashion. Just the way the songs sounded, really took me back to the days when Ronnie was with Escape the Fate. There is one song (That’s right, ONE SONG) that Ronnie raps in. “Wait and See” definitely has the sound from Fashionably Late with electronic music mixed the heavy breakdowns, all brought together by the rapping of Ronnie Radke. Now, I was never the biggest fan of Ronnie bringing rap into Falling in Reverse, but honestly this one song sounded really cool. The electronic music wasn’t overdone this time, and the song actually sounded relatively good to me. The only thing I have to say is, that intro sounded A LOT like the intro to that one Fallout Boy song right (RIGHT?!)? This album really is a solid piece of work, probably Falling in Reverse’s best one yet (Everyone has a right to their own opinion…). “Brother” is definitely a tear jerker, with a piano playing and Ronnie singing his heart out about his brother who was gone too soon. Ronnie writes catchy lyrics and writes catchy tunes to accompany those lyrics. He has a way with words that still amaze me, even on this album.  The rest of the band provides some quality work as well. Jacky Vincent still kills it at playing guitar. He plays some absolutely insane solos for this album! Nobody can shred a guitar like him! Ryan Seaman plays some very crafty drum beats, providing a solid beat for the band. Overall this album is absolutely amazing and a perfect addition to my Falling in Reverse collection.

The Verdict: 5 out of 5

  • awesome lyrics and awesome vocals
  • solid beat
  • catchy songs
  • creative breakdowns

I plan to buy this album on Tuesday February 24 and you guys should get this album too! I am very excited to have reviewed this album and I hope I helped you guys make a decision on buying the album.

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