Hey there guys! My name is Colby Farr, I am an aspiring writer and musician, and that is kind of why I am on here. I have tried blogging in the past but I could never keep myself motivated to keep up with it. This is my next attempt at blogging and I hope it goes a lot smoother! So if you let me, I’ll introduce you to the corner of my little world.

A Little About Myself 

I am a senior in high school as of now. If you’re reading this a year or two after it’s posted I’ll be in college at that point. I had always been fascinated by writing stories, and other things, but I never felt good enough to actually try anything. At the start of my senior year I started writing some short stories, just some 2-3 page stories. When I showed them to my friends, they said I was pretty good at it, not perfect, but good. That was good enough to inspire me to pretty much throw myself at writing. I am not always very secure about my writing, in fact I’m very insecure. It is taking me way Picture of me longer than it should to write this blog post. But if you are lucky, I might share some of my short stories on this blog. Besides writing I absolutely love music. I play guitar and I’m currently trying to learn piano (if I only had more time!). Another thing I love is camping and the outdoors! I am a boy scout (soon to be an Eagle scout!) and have been all my life. The outdoors is just my happy place.

What I will be blogging about.

I decided I needed to narrow my writing into things more specific, so in this blog I will be talking about entertainment. When I say entertainment I mean movies, books, music, tv shows etc. Pretty much anything that would fall into that category. I am a big movie junkie, I have loved them ever since I was a kid! I will be reviewing movies on this blog, and elaborating on any movie news that I might cross. I will be reviewing music albums, and talking about them, and any other music that might interest me. I am a big fan of rock (all kinds) so that’s probably what you’re going to see the most of. I absolutely love reading books, and I will be reviewing books on here as well, and starting discussions with you guys on books. I am very excited to start working on this.

Help me help you. 

If you ever want to contact me directly, I will be attaching a contact form to every post until I figure out a more legitimate way of doing that (sorry, still pretty new to blogging, and I still don’t know everything!). I just want to avoid getting my email spammed. Anyways, I welcome all kinds of comments or questions. After all, criticism is the best way for a writer to learn how to improve, right? Don’t be afraid about being criticising, as long as you are just being honest, you are fine.

Here’s to a great blog. 

I am super excited guys! I hope this can turn out to be a great blog!


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Colby Farr

I just really like writing things and talking about movies music and books, so I thought: Why not put that together?

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